Morocco Extends Driving License contracts 6 Months

Rabat- The Ministry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics has denounced rumors that it will extend the formally required training period for driver’s licenses to six months, insisting that it is fixed at 30 days.The 30-day training period begins from the application day and lasts until the test period. Some news outlets had reported that driving candidates would be required to wait six months to take their first test.The ministry emphasized that driving permit applicants will benefit from an extended contract period of six months, renewable for a further three-month period. The extended contract is to improve training conditions and ensure transparency between trainees and driving schools. The ministry added that the training hours during the 30-day training period are not required to exceed 20 hours for all license categories and 30 hours for heavy equipment vehicles.The contract will include the number of additional training hours agreed on between the trainee and the driving institution.The ministry also announced that the training fees will be fixed at MAD 2,250: MAD 37 per hour for the theoretical test and MAD 75.5 per hour for the applied training for category B, the license to drive regular cars.Since December 2017, driving candidates must earn 34 points out of 40 to pass the theoretical test for license B. The previous passing score was 30 points out of 40.

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