Announces Massive Updates to Its Platform

first_imgMedia collaboration website is adding a whole new dimension to their current platform, including support for audio files PDFs, and 3D renders.If you’ve ever had to shuttle a video back and forth with a client for feedback, you know that it can be a strenuous task to write down timestamps and locate exactly what the client wants to show you. This is where comes in. It’s a cloud-based media collaboration website that takes the hassle out of communicating with clients.Over 370,000 people now use to share videos and collaborate on projects. Just last year, closed on a $20 million Series B funding round led by FirstMark Capital, which has allowed them to increase the size and scale of the company. They have just announced that, this summer, we are going to see some drastic changes to their site that will open the platform up to all different kinds of media to become a one-stop shop for collaborative projects. Here are the new features you can expect in the coming months.All New Asset SupportIn the past, only supported video files on their platform. With this new update, team members will be able to work together on both video and audio files — as well as PDFs and even 3D VR Content. This means you can collaborate on songs and audio projects seamlessly without any intermediary programs.I’ve been involved in so many email threads with too many attachments that were just a pain to sort through. Now, with audio and PDF support, your team can share and comment on any type of media that you may be using.New Organizational ToolsSearching for media has never been easier with’s new updated organization system. Here’s what they have to say:“A new advanced media browser lets you fly through thousands of assets at lightning speed. Updated sorting options make it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. We also took search to a whole new level. In addition to searching for individual projects, you can now search filenames, approval status, and uploader across hundreds of projects, instantly.”For editors, that means no more frantically typing “FINAL COMPLETE V2 V3” to try and find your latest edit. All you have to do is search for the uploader’s name and go from there.They have also updated their upload framework, which boasts 5X the upload speed of Dropbox, making it one of the fastest upload speeds on the market today.New Commenting AbilitiesCommenting and collaborating on a video will be even easier with the new commenting abilities. It’s like if Slack had a video commenting function — the new includes @ commenting, detailed time-stamping, and range timestamps to comment on a selection of video.last_img

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