Glenn Harsh, Aug. 6

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We got rain over the weekend. Right here at the home farm where we really needed it the most we got three-quarters of an inch. It wasn’t a big cell that went through but it dropped quite a bit of water and the plants welcomed it. That perked things up quite a bit. Our home farm got the least out of the rain we had earlier in the week. It was about a half-inch and some of our other farms got .8-inch. We weren’t hurting but you don’t turn rain away in late July and early August.Things are coming along. The beans fields are at R5 or R6 and we found some frogeye. It was hot and the beans were showing some frogeye in the upper leaves. It was not at economic threshold by any means and with it being this late it is not that big of a concern. Spraying at this stage would not be an economic benefit. We found some leaves that had the most with 10% but there were other leaves at 1%, but it was definitely notable that it was out there. That field does not have a history of frogeye and it has good air flow so it must have blown in from somewhere. We are also looking for white mold and sudden death but really not seeing either of those.The corn is at milk to dough stage and the rain will definitely help set kernels and help the test weight and put those last kernels on the end of the ear. There is a pretty high chance for rains this week too and those could still help finish things out for the corn. There is a little gray leaf spot in the lower leaves and that certainly isn’t economic because it is below the ear leaf.We will be seeding cover crops in the next couple of weeks to get set up for next year.last_img

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