Palace: State of emergency still needed in Mindanao

first_img“The calling out power of the Presidentwas unique in that it can be used independently without the participation ofCongress and its actual use cannot be subjected to judicial review unlessconstitutional boundaries are violated,” Panelo said. President Duterte declared a state ofnational emergency in September 2016 after a bomb attack occurred in hishometown of Davao City./PN “Therefore, as long as the Presidentdeems it necessary to prevent or suppress lawless violence, invasion, orrebellion (such as at present times), then he is lawfully authorized to resortto this calling out power,” he added. “This is to ensure the maintenance oflaw and order in all other parts of the country,” Panelo stressed, saying thereare still remaining communist insurgents to reckon with, as well as there isyet a terrorist organization resurrecting to be crushed. Panelo urged the Filipinos for “usualcooperation” over the state of emergency even as he assured the public that thegovernment will not allow any abuse of their civil and political rights whileProclamation No. 55 is in effect. President Rodrigo Duterte’s ProclamationNo. 55 or the State of National Emergency on Account of Lawless Violence inMindanao will still be observed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and thePhilippine National Police, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said. MANILA – Mindanao should remain under astate of emergency even after military rule was lifted at the turn of the yearbecause of the persisting communist insurgency problem, according to Malacañang.last_img

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