Valverde: “I find it strange to play with two guest teams”

first_imgErnesto Valverde appeared before the press on the eve of the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup that will face the Barcelona with the Atlético de Madrid (Thursday, 8:00 p.m.) in the city of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).Throughout the season, they usually meet a lot with Atlético. How important is the game?It is a different format than what we are used to. It is not a tie is not a League match. It is definitive and, in that sense, we take it as a League match knowing that we are looking for victory and that we know the difficulty of facing Atlético.Do you feel comfortable here?I know it has resonance but the football in which we are involved is an industry. What sources of income are being sought or are being sought is why we are here and just as there are some special connotations in Morocco, there are them here. It’s not the same as playing at home, but here we are. We are fine and acclimatizing.Is it necessary to refresh the equipment?We’ll see. At the moment we only have one game and we came from playing last Saturday. We have five days of margin and we don’t have to think about much more because after tomorrow’s game another one may come, or not.How is the team?We have brought more players based on what happens tomorrow. Because if you pass you would have to train … Against Atlético there are no easy games and against these rivals, less. You play it in a match and anything can happen.Have you talked to Vidal? We do not have to think that you are going to go to any team. Tomorrow we’ll see. In principle it is with us. There is no clue.Do you prefer to play here or be playing at home?I will give you objective data. This is my fifth Super Cup. In the first three, my team had to play the field lap of the rival. And when I have been a League champion I have had to play outside. It is strange to play with two guest teams.Would you rather play this competition in summer?I dont know. It has always been the first title of the season between the League champion and the Cup champion. It seems to me that it was fine. It has changed. We will value it once it happens. What is clear that the matches are attractive to the public, but from the sporting point of view, League champion there is only one. And Cup champion there is only one.Are they making too many goals in the last minutes?Everyone sees it in a way. There are times that the opposite marks us before, other times we mark. I don’t think we have many ups and downs in the last minutes. That we have not made the same points.What do you suggest that United and Inter want Vidal?Arturo Vidal plays with us and tomorrow he will be in the field or on the bench. Over there nearby. We do not pay attention to other players interested in ourslast_img read more

Zidane seeks to recover Bale among the suspicion of the template

first_imgBut this has collided with several staff members who do not understand that there are players who also empty in training and then do not go or summoned or are on the bench, case of Rodrygo (the Brazilian has stopped entering the calls), Lucas Vázquez, Brahim and even Vinicius. Let alone heavy weights such as Isco and Modric, who see their position in the onces in danger both with the return of Welsh and with the return of Hazard. But Zidane, as he likes to repeat, He wants to have all his players available. Only Mariano and Asensio have left to have a variety of solutions to the problems that may happen during games … “I’m going to have Gareth because we know what he can give us. I want it to be fine to play. He will continue working and we will have him” This is how Zinedine Zidane responded in his usual press conference after the last training in Valdebebas before the match against Osasuna. That Saturday, February 8, the technician again had the wales to travel to Pamplona. The next day, Bale was a starter. He would play 70 minutes in his return to the league competition after losing the clashes against Sevilla, Valladolid and Atlético (He played in the Cup against Unionistas and did not do so against Zaragoza or Real Sociedad, in addition to the Super Cup he did not travel to).As well, last week both the Welshman and the French coach were talking about the situation of eleven White. Zizou detected a change in attitude in Welsh in the match against Osasuna: his pinky was damaged, he asked the doctors to stick it together with another finger to continue playing and he kept doing it. Also, these weeks has seen him more engaged and more intense and involved in training sessions. A first step to try again to be the determining player that was in the first season he arrived (2013-14), in which he scored in the Copa (al Barça) and Champions (at Atleti) finals. The coach continues his idea of ​​recovering him in this final stretch of the season.last_img read more