Norwich Firm to Assist Governments and Non-Profits

first_imgJB PHILLIPS CONSULTING, LLC, a Vermont-based public finance advisory firm, has been established to serve the capital needs of smaller government and non-profit entities in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.As municipalities, school districts, and non-profits (including hospitals, independent schools and museums) assess the need for improvements, renovations and building projects, alternative funding sources may be considered to avoid deferring facility upgrades.Judy Phillips, Norwich, the firms founder and Principal, is an experienced public finance professional, with over 20 years experience in both the public (NYC government) and private (JP Morgan, Bankers Trust and Merrill Lynch) sectors. She can assist non-profit issuers with their capital plans, through preparation of tax-exempt issues for project financing and as an advisor for investor relations.For additional information about the firm, check the web site: is external), or call Judy Phillips at (802) 649-2389.###last_img read more

March forth

first_imgStudents protested at campuses across the state Thursday as part of the Day of Defense of Public Education. The protests were held for students to voice their discontent with the state of public education. The idea for the protest day began in California and spread to more than 30 other states.last_img

School sales tax bill signed into law

first_imgSIOUX CITY — Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill to extend Iowa’s one cent school infrastructure sales tax through the year 2051. Reynolds signed the measure in ceremonies at the Sioux City public school’s Career Academy. Reynolds says school districts can use it and expand some of the ways they use the funding.The measure also allocates one million dollars to help fund Career Academies such as Sioux City’s, which help high school students learn and train in  specific career paths. “Career academies was something I’m very passionate about… and I just think those are tremendous opportunities for students. So to be able to use the funding for that, I am just very appreciative of that and that was something that I had asked for,” Reynolds says.Governor Reynolds visited with  Career Academy students Jonah Snieder and Colby East — who are juniors at East High School:  They said they are both in the business path and like how they are getting dual credit for high school and college and how they are able to go out of the building and meet with real businesses and see how they are run.Sioux City School Superintendent Paul Gausman says the local district was the first in the state to initiate the one cent tax:  Gausman says Sioux City passed it as a local option in 1998, and then in 2008 then Governor Chet Culver came to Irving Elementary School in Sioux City to sign the bill creating the first statewide sales tax for schools.Gausman says nearly 400 million dollars has been raised locally for new school projects since the tax was first implemented.last_img read more

Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice talks to Deco about new memoir

first_imgRebecca Vargas: “Your husband is [in jail] right now. You probably know what he went through. Tell me what your relationship is looking like right now.”Teresa Giudice: “He was strong for me while I was there, and I am strong for him while he’s there, and I’m just being the best mom I could be to our four daughters, and I’m just going on with life. Like, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, and you have to, Otherwise, you’re just going to turn into a hermit crab, and that’s just not me. I just hold my head up high, because I know what I did was not intentionally. It’s something that happened. I took responsibility for it, and here I am.”Rebecca Vargas: What did you do the first day you got out?”Teresa Giudice: “I was filming, They got me filming. Like, you guys saw me when I came home. I was reunited with my family, and I just spent quality time with the girls and it was just great.”Rebecca Vargas: You were on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Have you heard from President-elect Donald Trump?”Teresa Giudice: “I think he’s amazing, I really do. He was great to me when I was on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Who needs Hollywood drama? It doesn’t hold a candle to what’s unfolded before the cameras in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and no one brings the heat more than Teresa Giudice. The reality TV star talked to Deco on the red carpet in the 954 about her new memoir.Deco Drive guest correspondent Rebecca Vargas caught up with Teresa, who was looking fabulous posing for the paparazzi at at the Grateful Palate in Fort Lauderdale.Teresa held a copy of her memoir, published earlier this year, called “Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.”Rebecca Vargas: “I’d love for you to read a little bit to us.”Teresa Giudice: (reading) “I had been dreading these moments for more than a year, but here I was finally on my way to prison. After saying goodbye to the loves of my life, my husband and my four daughters, my attorney took me to the Federal Corrections Institution of Danbury, Connecticut from y house in New Jersey.”Rebecca Vargas: “It’s really hard to read because this is your life. Its what you went through, and your fans finally get to hear it.”Teresa Giudice: “You’re going to read how it was the whole time, the 11 and a half months that I was there, and everyone thinks that they know me from the Housewives, but that’s just part of me, but when you read the book, you really get to know who I really am, from when I was born till now.” last_img read more