WInston Reid praises ‘first-class’ Slaven Bilic and ‘special’ Dimitri Payet

first_img “Another hot topic at the moment is Dimitri Payet,” added Reid. “I don’t need to say much as he lets his football do the talking. He’s obviously a special player and he’s a joy to play alongside. He’s also very personable and easy to get along with. “On Tuesday, it was great to have Andy back, it’s always hard when you’re injured but he’s done well to keep coming back from injury. He’s a great player and we’re delighted to have him back. We all know what he can bring to the team when he’s on form. “We’ve also got Enner Valencia and Alex Song to come back too, so there’s plenty of positivity around the training ground.” Press Association West Ham defender Winston Reid has praised the effect Slaven Bilic has had at the club since taking over as manager this summer. A maiden home league victory against struggling Newcastle followed up by a hard-fought 2-1 win at City has left West Ham third in the Premier League ahead of Saturday’s visit of Norwich. With Bilic looking to maintain the momentum of recent weeks – aside from an extra-time loss to Leicester in the Capital One Cup in midweek – Reid has been impressed by what he has seen from the former Besiktas boss. “A huge amount of credit, deservedly, has gone to the manager. He has been first-class ever since he started,” the New Zealand international said. “Slaven is a very relaxed guy and he’s good to the players. He clearly hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a footballer himself, which is a crucial characteristic. “We had a slightly unusual pre-season where we were getting used to his new ideas but also trying to qualify for the Europa League. Unfortunately we didn’t quite manage that, but afterwards we had a team meeting and we said we need to focus on the Premier League. “Most importantly, the new manager came in with new ideas that are easily understood. He’s a great communicator. He likes to get hands-on in training which is good. He’s very engaging and the players like working for him.” Bilic has also received widespread praise for West Ham’s transfer dealings, with Dimitri Payet arguably one of the most impressive summer arrivals into the Premier League. While his manager has said the attacking midfielder has “magic in his boots”, Reid has also seen plenty from the France international and is glad to see club-record signing Andy Carroll back playing after another long injury setback. Formerly a fans’ favourite during an 18-month spell as a player at Upton Park, Bilic returned to replace Sam Allardyce and is already enjoying a positive relationship with a supporter base who, on the whole, never warmed to his predecessor. Successive away league wins at Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City have done Bilic’s popularity no harm, despite an early exit from Europa League qualification and home defeats to Leicester and Bournemouth. last_img read more

Imam Kamara Appeals for ‘Secular State’

first_imgImam Sheik Omaru Kamara has appealed to Liberians to let Liberia remain a secular state to ensure peace and freedom of worship in the country for all.Speaking to over one hundred worshippers at the 72nd SKD Boulevard Mosque at the regular Friday prayers, which coincided with the observance of the National Fast and Prayer Day, Imam Kamara, who is also chairman of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, said worshipping God (Arabic Allah) is a blessed privilege that must not be undermined. According to the Islamic preacher, Liberians should pray to God for forgiveness of their sins, and for guidance and strength to serve the nation.“That is why Muslims pray five times a day. There is no problem in the world that has not been solved by the mercy and compassion of God even during the days of Adam and Eve,” he said.The Chief Imam condemned any proposition that could undermine the stability of the functions of other religions and their followers. God is watching over everybody and the need for Muslims as well as every other Liberian worshipper of God to live free and in peace cannot be overemphasized, said the Muslim cleric.Imam Kamara called on Liberians to stop insulting and condemning government officials and other leaders unnecessarily, saying it is only good to oppose a leader when he goes against the teachings of God such as denying justice to people and the freedom to have a fair share of what belongs to the general population.He narrated the story of Jonah (in the Holy Qu’ran and Bible) which teaches a lesson on disobedience and explained that Jonah, who was also one of the prophets of God, disobeyed God and was punished by allowing a ship’s crew to throw him into the sea. “This,” he said, “was meant to teach Jonah a lesson that disobeying God’s orders meant denying himself true life.”The Imam said God rescued Jonah and re-ordered him to go and preach the message to the people of Nineveh so they may repent of their sins and worship God.Imam Kamara explained that the essence of Jonah’s story is to tell Liberians that God has already saved the nation from many calamities for which Liberians are yet to satisfactorily glorify Him.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Prison sentence for Letterkenny man after vicious assault

first_imgA LETTERKENNY man ‘with a propensity for violence’ was given a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for his part in a vicious assault. Keith Boyle (22) of 11 Derryveagh Avenue, Letterkenny was before Letterkenny Circuit Court where he was arraigned on two counts of assault on Daniel Sweeney and one of making off without payment. Boyle has been in custody since April 2019 on these charges and tendered a guilty plea.The Court heard that there is a co-accused in the case, who is currently on the run.“The co-accused man brought a hammer to the situation,” Barrister for Boyle, Mr Peter Nolan, told the court.Ms Fiona Crawford, BL, state prosecutor, gave the court a victim impact statement for Mr Sweeney.“I am not surprised that it is bounded to have such a negative impact on his life, massive emotional and psychological impacts,” Judge John Aylmer said.“There is nothing in the victim impact report of Mr Sweeney that is of any surprise, given the serious nature of the injury inflicted in this assault.” Barrister for Boyle, Mr Peter Nolan, said that Boyle’s co-accused had produced a hammer, which was used in the assault of Mr Sweeney, inflicting a ‘nasty fracture’ to his knee.Mr Nolan said that the fracture was caused as a result of a blow from the hammer. “He is a troubled individual,” Mr Nolan said of Boyle who, the court heard, has ‘a worrying number’ of previous convictions and who has a high risk of reoffending.“Mr Boyle was going to meet Mr Sweeney regarding a girlfriend. Mr Sweeney took off when the hammer was produced by the co-accused. The co-accused is on the run and, as far as Mr Boyle is concerned, he got him into a situation which escalated in its entirety.”Mr Nolan described Boyle’s involvement as ‘stupid, aimless and he was drunk’.Judge John Aylmer placed the offences in the mid-range and said Boyle had ‘a propensity for violence, particularly when he is under the influence of alcohol’.Keith Boyle (North West News Pix)Judge Aylmer deemed a sentence of three-and-a-half years appropriate.Judge Aylmer said he was happy to ignore the fact that Boyle had ‘thrown a bit of a wobbler on the advice of a genius in prison to alter his plea’ and took into account the early plea and the fact that the defendant had ‘laboured under ODD and ADHD’.“When he is not under the influence, he has a good work record, there is a good reference here and someone is still prepared to employ him,” Judge Aylmer said.“There are reasons to be optimistic of the chances of rehabilitation. I want to incentivise that but recognise the seriousness of the offences.”Judge Aylmer suspended the last 12 months of the sentence. The Judge bound Boyle to enter into a bond of €100 to keep the peace for a period of 18 months subsequent to his release. The sentence has been back-dated to take into account the fact that Boyle has been in custody since April.Prison sentence for Letterkenny man after vicious assault was last modified: November 4th, 2019 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Fiona CrawfordJudge John AylmerKeith BoyleletterkennyLetterkenny District CourtPeter Nolanlast_img read more

Takeaways: Sharks’ Labanc is trying to ‘prove a point’ with trade deadline looming

first_imgEDMONTON, Alberta — As Canadians indulged in a coast-to-coast celebration of the game they love, the lone American team on the slate played the role of spoilers.The Sharks stole the spotlight on Hockey Day in Canada, an annual celebration of Canada’s favorite sport, thumping the Edmonton Oilers in a 5-2 win. The Sharks were the only American team that participated in Saturday’s hockey smorgasbord, a showcase that also featured bouts between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, …last_img

How a Biotoxin Evolved

first_imgWhat do shrews and lizards have in common?  Not much, but two species developed the same toxin in their digestive enzymes, giving them both a poisonous bite.  Science Daily said a harmless digestive enzyme became overactive through three related changes.  “What had been a mild anticoagulant in the salivary glands of both species has become a much more extreme compound that causes paralysis and death in prey that is bitten.”  That similar “catalytic enhancement” occurred within two unrelated species suggests that the path to this toxicity is not extremely improbable.  It could be selected if it enhances the ability of the species to survive and reproduce.  This was also reported by PhysOrg.This case might provide a test of Michael Behe’s ideas about limits to evolutionary change.  It appears the changes to this enzyme are minor – something like opening up the active site a little wider and allowing the substrate easier access.  If so, it is no more the “evolution of new protein function” than changing the concentration or pH of an existing acid.  It does not involve adding new functional information.  This is “horizontal evolution” that enhances and distributes existing traits according to the environment.    Christians might take note of this story as a possible insight into the origin of natural evil.  This toxin appears to be a slight modification of an existing digestive enzyme.  It did not have to be created de novo.  Perhaps many things that cause pain and suffering, including thorns, are not far removed from original beneficial designs.(Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Evolutionist Disgraced

first_img(Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Marc Hauser, Harvard evolutionary psychologist who resigned under a cloud, was found guilty of scientific misconduct and admitted to some of it.Nature News reported: “Former Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser has admitted to making ‘mistakes’ in his research that led to findings of research misconduct announced today by the US Office of Research Integrity, which polices research funded by the National Institutes of Health.”Hauser’s confession is reported by the Boston Globe.  He admitted some mistakes, but stood by most of his work: “I am saddened that this investigation has caused some to question all of my work, rather than the few papers and unpublished studies in question.”The Harvard Magazine, though, printed a substantial list of misconduct investigators found, including fabricating data and falsely describing results.  Hauser resigned last year when the investigation began.  The magazine says, “he had planned to return to Harvard after his leave, but resigned following a psychology department faculty vote against having him resume teaching duties.”  An update states that Harvard instigated the investigation and agrees with the US Office findings.  (See note following our 12/24/2010 entry for first indications of misconduct.)The magazine stated, “Hauser studied the evolution of language and cognition, in research involving monkeys and humans.”In a column today in Nature unrelated to the Hauser investigation, Jim Woodgett of Mount Sinai Hospital wrote that scientists must be open about their mistakes.  “The scientific community must be diligent in highlighting abuses, develop greater transparency and accessibility for its work, police research more effectively and exemplify laudable behaviour,” he warned.  “This includes encouraging more open debate about misconduct and malpractice, exposing our dirty laundry and welcoming external examination.”Update 9/11/2012: Nature News reported that there are questions about whether Hauser intentionally committed misconduct.  Outsiders cannot know due to privacy rules of the investigation.  According to reporter Eugenie Samuel Reich, projects tainted by the misconduct were funded by the NIH up to $790,000.  Now that Hauser is gone from Harvard, he has turned his attention to education, working with a company that develops computer games to teach students cognitive skills and self-control.  “This work is deeply satisfying and I look forward to making new contributions to human welfare, education and the role of scientific knowledge in understanding human nature,” he said.Update 9/13/2012: Science Magazine 14 September gave a balanced report on the Hauser investigation, presenting views of accusers and defenders, as well as specifics on the alleged instances of misconduct.  Apparently whistleblowers from his own lab tipped off Harvard’s investigation, which was followed up and confirmed by the ORI at NIH.  Some of his colleagues call him solely responsible and are bothered by his refusal to accept responsibility: “It is sad that Hauser still will not admit to the charges that have been found against him when he does appear to nonetheless accept that the evidence exists and is legitimate,” Gerry Altmann wrote in an e-mail to Science.  Some of his lab workers are now disgruntled that their work has been tainted by their association with him.  Science noted that his “provocative work” garnered “media attention” and that the publication of his book Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong, “he had moved into the rarified sphere of the public intellectual.”  Some colleagues in the evolutionary psychology community, nevertheless, are standing by him and downplaying the seriousness of the misconduct, some of which was not published.  As part of the discipline, any research Hauser does with funding from the Public Health Service must be supervised, and he is barred from peer reviewing others’ work, for 3 years.Marc Hauser’s “research” was often reported in these pages.  In 9/21/2005, we saw him referring to human capabilities as  “the chimpanzee mind.”   5/29/2006, we found him joining the Darwin Centurions against the I.D. Visigoths.  In 10/27/2006 and 11/06/2006, we saw his fellow Darwinists adoring his new book Moral Minds: How Nature Designed Our Universal Sense of Right and Wrong (by natural selection).  In the 2/22/2008 entry, we saw him engaging in “paleofantasy,” trying to rescue Darwin from the huge cognitive gulf between chimpanzees and human children.  In 4/07/2009, we saw him divining into “the evolution of dogs and the evolution of humans.”  In 7/06/2009, we saw him attributing animals’ ability to count to evolution.  In 2/08/2010, just months before he was caught, we saw him trying to evolutionize religion to a point that even appalled Nature reporter Phillip Ball.This is the guy, you might remember, who taught his toddler to adore Charles Darwin: “When my youngest daughter was about three years old, I pulled a cheap trick on her, teaching her that whenever I asked ‘Who’s the man?’, she should reply ‘Darwin!’ She does this quite well now,” he said (see 7/03/2007 entry).  Let’s hope his new work with students on Cape Cod does not involve this kind of Darwin brainwashing.  Is this the person you want teaching your kid self-control?So while we don’t rejoice over anyone’s downfall, we are not surprised.  Actually, we think Hauser should have been rewarded.  Remember, he wrote a book about how “nature” (a.k.a. natural selection) produced our “moral minds,” our “sense of right and wrong.”  It’s not really right or wrong, he said; it’s just a “sense” of it that the aimless, purposeless, amoral process of selection produced in us.  Natural selection allows room for cheaters in its schemes for how morality evolved.  Cheaters are not doing wrong; they’re just participants in the game (3/25/2010).  Harvard needs cheaters like Marc Hauser to keep their evolutionary game going.  It gives the “punishers” something to do (1/13/2010).  Hauser actually played a vital role, therefore, at Harvard, and illustrated how evolutionary game theory was supposed to work (11/16/2009).  Remember the evolutionist who said, “it becomes advantageous for some individuals to cheat, and vice versa, which allows co-existence between cheaters and cooperators to arise”?  (4/07/2009).Yes!  Reward Marc Hauser.  He illustrated the morality of “the chimpanzee mind” in real-world experiments.  The joke was on Harvard, not him.  He really showed his daughter that Darwin is The Man.  He is a consistent Darwinian.  Should Harvard punish a faithful devotee of Darwin?  Should the U.S. Office of Research Integrity punish someone who revealed that integrity is a farce, an illusion, a relic of natural selection? (7/23/2010)  Reward the cheater!  Reward all the Darwinian cheaters.  We like that, because it will hasten the implosion of the Darwin totalitarian regime.last_img read more