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exceeding Aamir Khan starrer, For all the latest Entertainment News, Aage Samundar Hai is the second of a trilogy of novels (the first being Basti, in Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories. At about Rs 30 per square foot or more — and there’s the additional cost of labour — it’s a cost that contractors will simply not take, Evergreen trees have been found to be the most effective. Second on the worst dressed list was ‘Basic Instinct’ star Sharon Stone, 2016 6:43 pm The findings suggest that people who have had a stroke or a mini-stroke, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 19, while the 128GB version is priced at Rs 54.

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It is going to be a dance-based film in 3D, he says For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: December 5 2010 2:23 pm Related News Actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan says he was the most apprehensive when his wife Kiran Rao told him that she was working on a film script Aamir feared that if the script did not work for him then things would get most uncomfortable between them “Every time she mentioned she was working on it I prayed that she would not complete itand in time would abandon it” Aamir said while speaking about ‘Dhobi Ghat’his latest home production directed by wife Kiran Aamir recalled that when Kiran finally came to him with a spiral-bound filehe felt he needed numbers of his side to back him when he gave it a thumbs-down “We decided to travel to Coonoor where my cousin and filmmaker Mansoor lives I told Kiran that Mansoor and myself will head the script narration together” Aamir said adding that he had often used Mansoor as a shield HoweverAamir says as he sat down to hear the script with Mansoor and his wife Tinahe was falling in love with the charactersloved the dialogue and voice of each personwas struck by the finesilken threads that made the narrative and was moved to tears by the end “From the first scene itselfthe script just sucked me in” he recalled adding that he had fallen in love with Kiranonce again Aamir said his wife was an absolute delight to work with as a producer and an actor “I feel most safe in her hands She has claritysensitivity and an ability to bring the best out of her teamwhich makes her a leader I am happy to follow” the actor said Aamir said he has an eye for superior talent “When I see itI am happy as it is inspiring When I see that talent in my life partnerit makes me feel very proud and secure” he said According to the actorKiran’s choice of cast and crew has been most invigorating for someone like him who has been working in movies for over two decades “As a producerit is very rare to work with a team… all of whom are so talentedpassionatecommitted and with the right attitude towards cinema” he added Aamir plays a painter named Arun in the film and sports a different hair-do with a shade of grey over the forehead For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shougat Dasgupta | Published: April 2 2016 12:57 am Julian Barnes and his new book Top News Book: The Noise of Time Author: Julian Barnes Publisher: Random House Pages: 192 Price: Rs 699 Nearly 30 years ago in an interview Julian Barnes recalled the American poet John Berryman saying that “one thing that really upset him was that a man could go through life nowadays without finding out whether or not he was courageous” What does it mean to say that a man or woman lived courageously In Staring at the Sun (1986) Barnes surely as great an English novelist as any alive writes: “There was no courage without fear and without admitting fear Men’s courage was different from women’s courage Men’s courage lay in going out and nearly getting killed Women’s courage — or so everyone said — lay in endurance” Towards the end of The Noise of Time Barnes’s latest novel he writes: “Being a hero was much easier than being a coward To be a hero you only had to be brave for a moment — when you took out the gun threw the bomb pressed the detonator did away with the tyrant and with yourself as well… Being a coward required pertinacity persistence a refusal to change — which made it in a way a kind of courage” In other words to live courageously is sometimes to stick with it to stay the course to as Barnes suggested in Staring at the Sun endure These reflections on heroism and cowardice though Barnes may agree with them entirely are those of the great Russian (and pertinently Soviet) composer Dimitri Shostakovich The Noise of Time is structured as an agonised meditation Shostakovich’s bruising self-audit recounted in a claustrophobic third person of his relationship to what is characterised in the novel as the “Power” the compromises he made to live and compose in the Soviet Union of Stalin and at the end Khrushchev Shostakovich’s life has long been the subject of impassioned debate the so-called ‘Shostakovich Wars’ “nonsensically polarized arguments” as Alex Ross put it in the New Yorker “over whether Shostakovich was a Party ideologue or an anti-Communist dissident” Barnes in this fictionalised biography leaves the reader in no doubt about Shostakovich’s unease distaste for and sheer terror of the Power The novel’s frightening and blackly comic opening places Shostakovich outside the lift in his apartment building his mind “skittering… Faces names memories… Faces names… The faces and names of the dead too” It is in the middle of Stalin’s Great Purge the state-sponsored execution of hundreds of thousands perhaps even over a million people — officials Party members writers musicians artists ordinary people — suspected of nefarious plots or of supporting nefarious plotters or secretly nurturing thoughts of nefarious plots or perhaps living in the vicinity of those secretly nurturing thoughts of nefarious plots And Shostakovich waits nervously by the lift to greet the men he anticipates will come to spirit him away in the middle of the night Shostakovich close to the now out-of-favour Marshal Tukhachevsky finds himself summoned to The Big House the headquarters of the NKVD the Soviet secret police to be interrogated about the closeness of his links to those who would plot against Stalin “It had all begun very precisely” he tells himself “on the morning of the 28th of January 1936 at Arkhangelsk railway station” On that day he reads an editorial in Pravda headlined ‘Muddle Instead of Music’ that condemns his hitherto successful opera Lady Macbeth of Mstensk as “non-political and confusing” Unsigned (though a rumour persists that Stalin himself wrote the piece for who else would be allowed to get away with so many grammatical errors) the editorial concludes with a threat “it is a game of clever ingenuity that may end very badly” Afraid for his life Shostakovich withholds his Fourth Symphony and when he allows his Fifth Symphony to premiere in November 1937 he subtitles it ‘A Soviet Artist’s Response to Just Criticism’ The performance is greeted with tears critical hosannas and an hour-long standing ovation Just like that Shostakovich is restored to his status as the most beloved most famous Soviet composer Was the subtitle craven or ironic Does it matter Each of this slim novel’s three sections begins with variations of the sentence “All he knew was that this was the worst time” Each section is about a specific humiliation suffered by Shostakovich — the Pravda editorial; having to denounce his musical idol Stravinsky in a speech written for him at an event in New York and being exposed as a Stalinist stooge by a CIA-sponsored Russian emigre; finally joining the Communist Party as an old man in a Soviet Union now ruled by Khrushchev On each occasion Shostakovich as imagined by Barnes appears to hope that his passivity his ironic resignation will be recognised as such by the world and by Soviet dissidents Instead he understands increasingly embittered he will probably be seen as a coward And while Shostakovich might accept such a judgment from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn or Andrei Sakharov what sticks in his craw are what he sees as the true enablers of Soviet tyranny the likes of Picasso Sartre and George Bernard Shaw Shostakovich knows there is a difference between artistic integrity and personal moral integrity He sees this as a major failing of say Stravinsky Shostakovich’s only defence against accusations of a similar lack of personal integrity is that he lived in the Soviet Union he endured and he did what he had to do to survive It’s an unarguably strong defence All that said The Noise of Time is an odd exercise A rehash of dated arguments mired in the Cold War when despite the renewal of hostilities between Russia and the West the Cold War is irrelevant The writer is a Delhi-based critic For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Namrata Zakaria | New Delhi | Updated: December 17 2014 10:29 am Age is nothing but a number but size is moot Related News It is the week of my birthday and my friends their husbands and some aunts have been asking me rather un-politely: ‘So how old are you turning” I am inching towards the big frightful number but not just yet “Not yet 40” I reply coolly “But what difference” There is a difference I cannot tuck my shirt in my jeans anymore I have never been afraid of growing older I never stopped a child from calling me “aunty” not even some of my eight-year-old’s teenage squash buddies I have not yet dyed my hair I can hold out another year by assiduous hand-plucking I may have a laughline or two but I haven’t noticed When school friends meet for a reunion some of them say I look just as I did in school “I hope not” I show off but it does make my head swell The thing is I have always been a thin girl My weighing scale has blitzed more or less the same number for the last two decades But this year I weighed 60 kilos I am shattered The last and only time I weighed 60 kilos was when I was six months pregnant Age is nothing but a number but size is moot Any regular reader of this column will note that I am a savage ‘lookist’ I am a ‘size-ist’ too Just a few weeks ago I wrote how unsettling Parineeti Chopra’s swivelling arms made me feel when I watched her last film I am absolutely judgmental about how people look and how they wear their clothes If you protest too much I will throw you off with a “professional hazard” But really it is not We live in a world that emphasizes on being lean It isn’t just actors/ models/ socialites from whom thinness is expected but any thinking human being Not being slim or toned is equated with being a slob Political correctness and feminists please to excuse you are what you weigh What began innocently as ‘winter weight’ last December (or so I thought) has stayed on for the next 12 months I failed to swim it off I tried to eat less carbohydrate but ended making it up with sugar Then the fashion crisis ensued I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans I had only just thanked the lord for the serendipitous discovery of an utterly chic pair of Plein Sud jeans on sale but I did not get to wear them even once I suddenly didn’t need to wear a belt with my decade-faithful loosened-by-washes favourite Gap shorts I missed the whole crop-top trend even though I did not want to I cannot wear my prized pencil skirts I have discovered I am most at ease in kurtas And that my thighs want to occupy the seat next to me I have not yet turned into a self-loathing creature I am actually happier than I have been in the last few years I have come to the realisation that I don’t own my body anymore my age does If I want to return to my old wardrobe I will have to exercise much harder If I don’t return to my old wardrobe I’m still willing to exercise harder Muffin tops mummy-tummy and Mrs Roo’s pouch read lovely on Huffington Post But I’d like some Spanx for my birthday please The story appeared in print with the headlineBirthday Girth Day Email author:[email protected] For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News He and I had also clashed quite clearly and explicitly 3 to 8 months previously when he had said something about my wife.

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