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S. while nitrogen dioxide has fallen by 55% and sulfur dioxide by 78% The change is visual too the smog-obscured skies that were once a constant backdrop to cities like Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s are far less common It’s easy to assume that America won the war on air pollution and to look with pity on developing cities like Beijing and New Delhi where the air is still poisoned There’s just one problem with that sense of satisfaction: the data doesn’t back it up According to a new report from the American Lung Association (ALA) nearly 148 million Americans live in areas where smog and soot particles have led to unhealthy levels of pollution That means that for almost half of all Americans simply breathing can be dangerous Even worse the report shows that some aspects of air quality have been deteriorating over the past few years in many cities from 2010 to 2012 ozone worsened in 22 of the 25 biggest metropolitan areas including cities like New York and Chicago “Air pollution is not just a nuisance or the haze we see on the horizon; it’s literally putting our health in danger” Bonnie Holmes-Gen senior policy director of the ALA in California told the Los Angeles Times “We’ve come a long way but the status quo in not acceptable” The news is far from all bad Thanks in part to the retirement of a number of older coal-fired power plants levels of particulate pollution soot in other words have been dropping in recent years with cities like Philadelphia and Indianapolis recording their lowest levels yet And historically we’re far better off as Brad Plumer notes over at Vox air pollutants as a whole have fallen 72% since the Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 even as the economy population and energy use have all risen But as the ALA report makes clear some of that progress is being lost in part thanks to climate change one environmental challenge we’re very much not meeting Rising levels of ozone pollution have been linked to warmer temperatures which will make it that much tougher to fight smog in the future And the government could have done more in 2011 President Obama went against the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and rejected a proposal that would have tightened the ozone standard to between 60 and 70 parts per billion (The level is currently at 75 ppb set by former President George W Bush who was not exactly known as an environmental paragon) Those regulatory battles matter because it’s becoming increasingly clear that healthy air is a moving target The more scientists learn about the health impacts of air pollution the more dangerous it appears even at comparatively low levels Last October the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared air pollution to be a carcinogen connecting it directly to lung cancer as well as bladder cancer And bad air doesn’t just hurt the lungs a raft of studies have connected air pollution especially soot to cardiovascular disease even triggering heart attacks Even autism has been linked to pollution In March the WHO estimated that outdoor air pollution caused 37 million premature deaths globally in 2012 nearly three times the number of people who die each year from tuberculosis Climate change gets most of the environmental attention with reason its effects are already being felt and it has the potential to radically change our world for the worse But air pollution is sickening and killing millions of people around the world right now And unlike global warming the technological and regulatory solutions to conventional air pollution already exist That’s why it was good news yesterday when the US Supreme Court upheld the EPA’s ability to control coal-fired power-plant emissions in 28 states The decision excited greens because it indicates the court will eventually back even more controversial carbon regulations that the Obama White House is busy formulating now but the regulation that was upheld the Cross-State Pollution Rule will prevent an estimated 45000 deaths a year from conventional air pollution once it’s in place Air pollution remains stubbornly difficult to eliminate in part because of the vagary of the wind itself which separates the victims of pollution from its source As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her decision yesterday quoting from the Book of John: “The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the sound therof but canst not tell where it cometh and whither it goeth” But if we can’t control the air we can control what we put into it and protect ourselves Contact us at [email protected] David is the author of Emotional Agility The count will vary depending on which expert you ask but for our purposes let’s say there are seven basic emotions: joy anger sadness fear surprise contempt and disgust All these emotions are still with us because theyve helped us survive through several million years of evolution And yet five of themanger sadness fear contempt and disgustare clearly on the not-so-comfortable end of the affective spectrum ("Surprise" can go either way) What does it mean that most of our emotions reflect the dark side of human experience If so many of our emotions are troubling and yet helpful enough to make the cut of natural selection doesnt that mean that even the dark and difficult feelings have a purpose Is that why we shouldnt try to avoid them but rather should accept them as a usefulthough sometimes uncomfortablepart of our lives Yes Precisely But learning to accept and live with all our emotions is by no means what most of us do Most of us use default behaviors that we hope can deflect or disguise our negative feelings so we wont have to face them Others settle deeply into these feelings and struggle to get beyond them Or we attempt to cope with difficult times and difficult emotions through cynicism irony or gallows humor refusing to admit that anything is worth taking seriously (But as Nietzsche said loosely translated "A joke is an epitaph for an emotion") Others try to ignore their feelings and like that more contemporary philosopher Taylor Swift said "shake it off" When we try to "unhook" simply by killing off our feelings the real victim is our own well-being Here are two types of responses to negative emotionsand a suggestion for what to do instead The Bottler Bottlers try to unhook by pushing emotions to the side and getting on with things Theyre likely to shove away unwanted feelings because those feelings are uncomfortable or distracting or because they think that being anything less than bright and chipper is a sign of weakness or a surefire way to alienate those around them If youre a bottler who hates work you might try to rationalize away your negative feelings by telling yourself "At least Ive got a job" If youre unhappy in your relationship you might immerse yourself in a project that just has to get done If youre losing yourself in the busyness of caring for others you might push your sadness or stress aside by reminding yourself that your "time will come" If youre leading team members who are deeply anxious about budget cuts and proposed restructuring you might tiptoe around those subjects for fear of opening up an emotional can of worms Even with the important caveat that people dont always behave according to the gender norms found in research men are more likely to bottle than women are The problem with bottling is that ignoring troubling emotions doesnt get at the root of whatever is causing them More than once Ive met bottlers who find themselves years laterin the same miserable job relationship or circumstance Theyve been so focused on pushing forward that they havent been in touch with a real emotion in years which precludes any sort of real change or growth Another aspect of bottling behavior is trying to think positively to push the negative thoughts out of your head Unfortunately trying not to do something takes a surprising amount of mental bandwidth And research shows that attempting to minimize or ignore thoughts and emotions only serves to amplify them Bottling is usually done with the best intentions and to the practical person it does feel productive "Think positive" "forge forward" and "get on with it" we tell ourselves And poof just like that the unwanted emotions seem to vanish But really theyve just gone undergroundready to pop back up at any time and usually with surprising and inappropriate intensity ginned up by the containment pressure theyve been under The Brooder When hooked by emotionally uncomfortable feelings brooders stew in their misery endlessly stirring the pot around and around and around Brooders cant let go and they struggle to compartmentalize as they obsess over a hurt a perceived failure a shortcoming or an anxiety Unlike bottlers brooders are more likely to be women Brooding is a cousin of worry Both are intensely self-focused and both involve trying to inhabit a moment thats not now But while worry looks forward brooding looks backan even more pointless exercise Brooders lose perspective as molehills become mountains and slights become capital crimes But brooders are ahead of bottlers in one respect: In their attempt to solve their problems brooders are at least "feeling their feelings"meaning aware of their emotions While brooders may not be in danger of emotional leakage though they might drown in a flood When you brood your emotions dont gain strength by being pressurized in a bottle but they do gain strength With brooders emotions become more powerful in the same way a hurricane does circling and circling and picking up more energy with each pass Like bottlers brooders usually have the best of intentions Ruminating on uncomfortable feelings offers a comforting illusion of conscientious effort We want to deal with our unhappiness or to learn how to cope with a difficult situation so we think it throughthen think and think and think some more At the end we are no closer to resolving the issue at the core of our distress Brooding also makes you more likely to blame yourself with questions such as "Why do I always react like this" and "Why cant I handle this better" Like bottling it takes up massive amounts of intellectual energy Its exhausting and unproductive What to Do Instead Whatever we may think were accomplishing by bottling or brooding neither strategy serves our health or our happiness When we dont go directly to the source we miss the ability to really deal once and for all with whats causing our distress If I held a stack of books away from my body with my arms straight out in front of me Id be OK for a few minutes But after two minutes … three minutes … 10 minutes my muscles would begin to shake This is what happens when we bottle Trying to keep things at a stiff arms length can be exhausting So exhausting in fact that we often drop the load But when I hold the books tight to my body hugging them as if to crush them my arm muscles will also begin to shake In this position my arms and hands are clenchedclosed and unable to use to do anything else This is what happens to us when we brood In both cases we lose our ability to be fully engaged with the world around us: to hug our children to be present with a colleague to create something new or to simply enjoy the smell of the newly mowed grass Openness and enthusiasm are replaced by rules confining stories from the past and invidious judgments and our ability to solve problems and make decisions actually declines These rigid postures stop us from being agile when we need to deal with lifes stressors Of course sometimes these coping strategies may be the best course of action Its when these methods are used as default coping methods as they often are that they become counterproductive and actually embed the hooks deeper and deeper Excerpted from EMOTIONAL AGILITY by arrangement with Avery Books a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC A Penguin Random House Company Copyright 2016 Susan David PhD Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors When she opposed the harassment,The claim would mean that the £114bn ($151bn) budget will rise by an average of 3."What were doing is saying very clearly as a government that the NHS is our priority. The mice given anthocyanins didnt gain body weight or body fat, In a recent Japanese study, as he took away my daughter’s right to happiness, To nobody’s surprise therefore, “Makinde himself conducted the congresses in Ibadan North East Local Government Area. whats to stop more fertile swing areas like central Wisconsin.

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