2019 BMW i3 Prices In UK Only Slightly Higher Than 2018 i3

BMW i3 – 42.2 kWh battery for just 3% moreBMW already released prices of the upcoming i3/ i3s in the UK and, as it turns out, the entry-level version will be just around 3% more expensive.The previous 33.2 kWh i3 started at £34,070 on-the-road price (OTR), which includes 20% VAT and On the Road Fee (£730). The new 42.2 kWh version starts at £35,180, which is £1,110 or 3.2% more. Not bad for 9 kWh (27%) more battery capacity and range, as well as several minor improvements.Prices in the UK don’t include the £4,500 Plug-In Car Grant, available for both all-electric and REx versions. Sales in UK will start in December.BMW i3 news BMW i3s1842706.999n/a0£36,975 BMW i3 94Ah (33.2 kWh) prices in UK: BMW i3s1842706.9990214(177WLTP)£37,670 BMW Reveals 2019 i3 & i3s With 42.2 kWh Battery ModelPower(hp)Torque (Nm)0 – 62mph(Seconds)TopSpeed(mph)CO2Emissions(g/km)NEDCelectricrange(miles) 2019 BMW i3, i3 REx, i3s & i3s REx: Full Specs Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 29, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News BMW i3 Range Extender1702508.193tbc13-14*£37,220 BMW i31702507.393n/a0£34,070 Assuming a 3% bump, in the U.S. the MSRP should then increase from $44,450 to maybe $45,800.The other thing is that used i3s probably will be significantly cheaper now, maybe even by a few thousand dollars.BMW i3 120Ah (42.2 kWh) prices in UK: Get $17,500 Off A BMW i3: Here’s How 48 photos BMW i31702507.3930223(192WLTP)£35,180 ModelPower(hp)Torque  (Nm)0 – 62mph (Seconds)Top Speed (mph)Combined (mpg)CO2 Emissions (g/km)From(OTR) BMW i3s Range Extender1842707.799tbc15*£40,125 £from(OTR) Source: Electric Vehicle News

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