Dragon NaturallySpeaking

first_imgImage Source: EnableMart.comDragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium speech recognition software lets you control your digital world by voice — three times faster than typing. This assistive technology device is useful for people who may have physical disabilities that prevents them from reading written text. It’s also useful for people who are Blind or have low vision.This device helps turn ideas into text at the speed of thought. It can “tell” your PC what to do and it does it. Use Dragon to talk your way through your “to-do” list — email, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, social networking, and more — quickly and confidently. Use a digital voice recorder and Dragon will transcribe the audio files when you return to your PC. Dragon can act as your personal assistant to get things done more efficiently.The newest version, version 12 has improved accuracy, enhanced web mail, interactive tutorials, wideband bluetooth support, a more natural text-to-speech voice, fast correction and a remote microphone application for iOS and Android.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedATFAQ014 – Q1. Dragon Anywhere Q2. Accessible computer games for someone with low vision Q3. Unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S6 with my voice Q4. Dragon and Spanish accents Q5. Navigational devices for the visually impaired? Q6. Recommending “entertainment” equipment as ATSeptember 28, 2015In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”ATFAQ028 – Q1. Should I remove Apple’s QuickTime from my Windows PC for security? Q2. How do I know if my smartphone is encrypted? Q3. What is a good general speech-to-text system? Q4. What should parents know about AT in Higher Ed? Q5. Are there accessible MUD clients for Android? Q6. What do services like Uber and AirBnB mean for people with disabilities?April 25, 2016In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”Dragon speech software adds apps to the mixSeptember 29, 2011In “Easter Seals Crossroads”last_img

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