What you need to know before outsourcing your software development project checklist

first_img LinkedIn E-Headlines Pinterest Twitter 1 Facebook By CBN What you need to know before outsourcing your software development project (+checklist) Share. Tumblr on April 27, 2018 Know the market – make sure you choose the best option for the best priceBefore making the final cut, compare the prices and reviews. Make sure that by choosing outsourcing software development company, you acquire the best option and value for a fair price. Don’t be afraid to attend a few industry events and ask other companies representatives who they outsource to. Maybe you can get a good recommendation you’d never find on the Internet. Anyway, taking a look at a few local lists of companies to outsource to might help as well. Make sure you search for a local directory of companies in that specific country you’d like to stick to.NDAs are unimaginably important!So visit your attorney and ask them to take a look at your contract before signing it. Be sure to include every detail concerning the project’s confidentiality: who has the right to access this confidential information, where is the source code stored and handled, who is responsible for development from the vendor’s side, and what info should be considered secure. Never start to work with an outsource software development company without signing the non-disclosure agreement.Make sure you choose the right locationRemember that you might have to visit the company you outsource your project to, so choose the location wisely. And remember that a time difference plays an important role as well.Wrapping it up, outsourcing is a useful instrument if you know how to use it right. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps and tips. And outsourcing can become a really great way to save your time, money, and efforts. Every company once in a while thinks about the need to outsource a part of software development project. There is always a limited amount of time, human and monetary resources, and the deadlines are pushing. So what else to do? Software outsourcing is a great way to solve the issue. How to make sure everything is done correctly and the remote development team understands what to do? How to outsource professionally? Let’s review the checklist below and find out the answers.Define your project’s goals and needsDescribe your project in details and be as precise as possible. If you want everyone to understand what you aim for, state your needs and goals as clear as possible. You have to be able to explain everything even to the kid. And don’t forget that in most cases your remote team will not have English as their second language – so make sure your wording is simple and easy to understand. Supplying every talk and meeting with a written agenda and summary will surely be helpful.Set the right expectationsYou should be able to align the project’s goals with your remote team’s goals. Discuss all the significant details – what timeframe do you set, what’s the scope of this project, what is the goal behind it, what do you expect in terms of the results and their delivery. If you are unsure about overtimes and other unexpected situations- let your team know about it. They will appreciate the transparency and attention. Google+ Emaillast_img

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