Reno and Kemp Keynote Conference

first_imgAddThis E-MAIL: [email protected] RENO AND KEMP KEYNOTE CONFERENCEViolent crime demands a combination of hard nosedpunishment and community intervention, said Janet Reno, the U.S. AttorneyGeneral, at a conference on domestic policy at Rice University.“All we have to do is use common sense and take it step by step, child bychild, family by family, school by school, block by block, city by city, and wecan take back America for our children and make it safe for them again,” saidReno, who spoke at the second annual conference of the James A. Baker IIIInstitute for Public Policy at Rice.The conference, titled Domestic Policy Challenges at the End of the Century,focuses on issues such as crime, devolution of governance and tax reform. Theconference highlights the Baker Institutes commitment to domestic policy.Reno called for a non-partisan war against crime with Democrats andRepublicans, federal, state and local officials working together to fightviolent crime.She placed a high priority on supporting and families as the best solution toending violent crime.The solution to violent crime requires more than just building prisons andbeefing up police departments, a panel of academics, and government and lawenforcement officials said.Lee Brown, the Radoslav A. Tsanoff Professor of Public Affairs at Ricemoderated the panel on Urban Crime and Violence. Other panelists includedElliott Currie from the University of California; Matt Rodriguez, Chicagosuperintendent of police; Charles Moose, chief of police for Portland, Ore.;Chukwudi Onwuachi-Saunders, deputy health commissioner for the Center forDisease Control; and Johnny Holmes, Harris County District attorney.The panel placed the solution for stemming crime on social programs thataddress issues of health, poverty and education.Opening the conference, recent Republican vice presidental nominee Jack Kempcalled for social reform through a revision of the tax code that encouragesinvestment, creates jobs and fosters ownership.Allowing people to get access to capital is the only way to fight poverty, hesaid.“The tax policy is an inefficient policy of redistributing wealth,” Kempsaid. Punishing the rich never works, Kemp said. “It punishes the poor who wantto get rich.”Tax policy issues will be the subject of a conference panel discussion onWednesday. George Zodrow, chair of the Rice department of economics, willmoderate the panel, which includes representatives from the U.S. Treasury,academia, and business.Following his speech, Kemp was asked if he would run for the presidency in2000.“Stay tuned,” Kemp said.### Share CONTACT: Michael Cinelli PHONE: (713) 831-4794last_img

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