BENS BLOG BAGS Racing to be livestreamed

first_imgDear Editor,What fabulous news, in RP Greyhounds today, regarding BAGS racing now being live-streamed.This is not only a huge achievement for BAGS but will also be great for the game!!I think its for all of us now, to rally round, and make the very best of such an opportunity to really promote the sport. Let’s make it interesting: Handicaps, hurdles, sprints and long-distances. Interviews with owners, trainers, and bookies. The work has certainly not been finished.But here are the two big questions:1) Will the bookies now pay the 10% levy they pay to horse-racing (no excuses!).2) And…will the Racing Post now return to offer full form and analysis for Greyhounds cards once again?! As they always should have kept doing, Editor..!!Kind regards,Ben Keith(Star Sports Owner)LINK TO JIM CREMIN’S RACING POST ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON 14th OCTOBER other news:Blog, I’ve just returned from a weekend, of enforced Group-Socialising, in northern Spain. During a few moments of respite though, we were given a confident mark, by some local shrewdies. Bocamar (WEB SITE) really landed the spoils; I must say. Mussels with tummies like apples, sweet razor-clams, and an enormous and delicious Seabass to share.Bocamar, 20 Calle de Marques de Pidal, Oviedo. Mussels (NAP). Seabass (NB). Not that cheap for the area, but don’t be afraid to get your wallet out (€114 for 2). This really was special. 8.5Over and out, B xlast_img

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