Prepared by FFWPU Central African Republic The Cen

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU Central African RepublicThe Central African Republic has been in a military-political conflict since 2013. And on February the 02.2019, the African Union and MINUSCA (United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Mission for stabilization in Central Africa) initiated Peace Talks in Khartoum, between the Government and armed groups to find a solution for peace in CAR.Fortunately, the arrival of Rev. MONZEBE MATHIAS, pastor of the FFWPU of Berlin, who supports the CAR since 2016 in a project called “Education strengthens Africa”, by the construction of schools and a Youth Center, was the catalyst that stimulated 19 other Heavenly Tribal Messiah Candidates to make resolutions to accomplish this mission.It is in this context that a series of Benedictions took place successively from 10-17 of February 2019 in his hometown in the South-West of the country and in Bangui, Capital of the CAR.Following, a strong mobilization of pastors, village chiefs and Youth organizations took place. The first Blessing Festival was held in the city of Bagandou with 46 Couples and 74 Singles in the Catechetical Hall of the Catholic Church.Bush-Men were also blessed during this period because they are also part of the population of the region.Mister Octave LEFANDEMA and Mr. Gilbert GNANGOMA, respectively Mayor and Secretary General of the city of BAGANDOU were also blessed. On this occasion, the Mayor made the following statement:The Blessing Festival continued on February 17.2019 in Bangui, Capital of the CAR at the Residence of the National Leader. We blessed further 12 Couples and 35 Singles.ReflectionMr Octave LEFANDEMA Mayor of The City of BAGANDOU said ” This family blessing ceremony that took place today here in this city, has a great meaning and is for our Area a starting point for a change of behavior and mentality in each family …last_img

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