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first_img3. Amazing architectureThe airport of the future will definitely not be boring. Airports of the near future will be grandly-designed ‘aerovilles’, with ambitious architecture and stylised interiors. Some airports are already quite cool. Check them out in our collection of 11 of the world’s craziest airport interiors.4. Digital bag tagsLike your Amazon order, you’ll soon be able keep track of where your bags are with digital bag tags. This will prove to be very useful if they get lost at some point (but hopefully they’re working on that too). Apparently British Airways are already testing them, so stay tuned. Better, faster, more fun. Get set for the airport of the future.When you think about airports, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Long queues at check-in and security? Having nothing to do but buy a bottle of water and some holiday chick-lit? Well, in the near future (sooner than you might expect), get set for some exciting changes in the airport experience.According to the experts involved in our Future of Travel Report, the airports of the future will be so amazing that you will gladly go there hours before your departure.Discover the top 10 things set to make airports so good that you will want to check in earlier.1. Facial recognition will replace passportsNo more traumas when you realise your passport has run out. Facial recognition systems are set to replace those little booklets with stamps in them. This will make identifying travellers easier and faster, thus reducing long queues, waiting time and all those things you’re not so keen on.2. Art at the airportForget those boring, impersonal spaces. The airports of the future will make sure you are entertained, relaxed and inspired… and what better way to achieve that than by introducing art and sculptures at departure lounges? You can get a little taste of the future at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, where works of art from the Rijksmuseum are on display. Heathrow’s T2 terminal is set to house a large flight-themed sculpture by renowned British artist Richard Wilson. 9. Visual spaces at airportsIn the future going to the airport will be an inspiring experience in itself. The international terminal at LAX already is. Multimedia company Moment Factory installed the four-sided, 72-feet Time Tower, a ‘haptic illusion’ wrapped around one of the terminal’s main lifts that slides slowly between inspiring videos that soothe travellers.10. Personal guidance systemsHave you ever get lost trying to find your boarding gate? Some airports are quite tricky to navigate. In the future we will all have some kind of personal guidance system that will help us find the best way to navigate airports. This is already being tested at Copenhagen, so it’s coming to an airport near you…What would you like to see in airports in the future to make your journey quicker, easier and more enjoyable? Let us know below.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Related20 top airport tips: How to stay calm and save time at the airportA weekend city break, a big family holiday, or a last minute business trip: whatever the reason you find yourself stressed out at the airport, here are a few insider tips from Skyscanner’s seasoned travellers. From secrets on how to jump the check-in queue to how to get an upgrade.…11 top tips to get through the airport quicklyGet your trip off to a flying start and whizz through the airport like a pro with a little help from our well-travelled staff and top travel bloggers. Here are their top tips on getting through the airport quickly; from speeding through security to navigating your way out at arrivals.10 Most Annoying Things at AirportsThe most annoying and frustrating things that happen at airports that travellers must face before jetting off in to the sunset.center_img 7. Green spaces in departure loungeWith a ‘butterfly roof’, five-storey vertical garden and waterfalls, Changi Airport in Singapore is a model for the airport of the future. Airports the world over will have green spaces in departure lounges that will make you feel like you are outdoors while indoors, rather than stuck in a plastic-seated holding pen.8. Digital shopping walls to replace duty-free shopsBrowsing the deals you can’t get ‘cos you’re not travelling outside the EU is one of the few amusements in airports today, but duty-free shops will soon be replaced by digital shopping walls. ‘Transtailing’ – a new form of ‘Transit retail’ – will be everywhere. Some airports (like New Delhi or Frankfurt) already allow shoppers to use QR codes on their smartphones to buy goods. Multidisciplinary studios such as Think Big Factory are proposing that in the future entire large spaces such as the walls and floors of an airport will become entirely interactive. 5. Virtual assistants/hologramsIn those aerovilles of the future you will not need to worry about missing your flight or forgetting to buy something before going. Virtual assistants or holograms such as those being developed by Tensator will help you along the way to your plane.6. Biometric scanners will speed up securityGoing through security is one of the least enjoyable aspects of air travel. In a move that will cut queuing times, in the near future facial recognition software will be used to find facial expressions or body movements deemed to cause a security risk. Also, a new generation of laser molecular scanners will check both passengers and their bags in a fraction of second.last_img

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