Chester Bennington Lives on

first_img“I tried so hard..and got so far…but in the end…it doesn’t even matter…I had to fall…to lose it all…but in the doesn’t even matter” – lyrics of the song ‘In the end’ by “Linkin Park” became the fate of the lead singer – Chester Bennington.Devastated on losing his best friend Chris Cornell a few months back, Chester himself committed suicide on July 20, 2017. The world witnessed how Chester, commented on his friend’s death in May (2 months before he hung himself), that he cannot imagine a world without Cornell. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe link of his death with Cornell’s death can be joined with the fact that the singer was very emotional when the band performed ‘One more light’ in his late friend’s honour on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Mike Shinoda once told, “He could not finish singing the song and started getting choked up during both the rehearsal and at the live performance setting.” Many hearts were broken and the music industry was shattered by this unexpected loss. But as it is said that “life goes on”, the band revived with ‘Looking for an answer’ after the lead singer’s death. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveMusic has never known any boundaries. Art always finds its way to those who value it. On his death anniversary, we have some heart-touching thoughts by Indian fans of Linkin Park: Satyam Singhal, a software engineer and a disheartened fan of the band who grew up listening to the band, says, “It feels like a void in my life. A void which can never be filled. I mean, I’ve got the majority of Linkin Park’s music memorized but knowing that the voice, the mind behind it is no more. It’s painful.” On the other hand, talking about how the band and the lead singer helped in shaping an interest in English music, Manan Chopra, content writer tells, “I miss his mind. If you dive into their music, you’ll realize the lyrics Chester wrote have got such immense depth, be it crawling or breaking the habit or majority’s first English song ‘Numb’ … It is as pure as art should be.” Fans described their star who is shining in the sky from past one year as “a troubled soul”– they say that’s the perfect word for a person who had a family, friends in the form of bandmates and millions of fans – yet committed suicide on his best friend’s birthday. Revealing his favourite songs and how the band has changed since Chester’s death, a 21-year-old student, Kartik Arora says, “It is difficult to choose one song among so many which the band has offered us. I really like ‘Iridescent’, ‘Somewhere I Belong,’ ‘Shadow of the day’…to name a few. Chester was the first English music artist I ever listened to.. so, listening since 2009 makes me miss him..” Pallavi Sethi, coming from a corporate background was only familiar with Linkin Park among all the existing bands and she believes that after the singer’s death, music has changed quite a lot. Giving an example, she highlights how Mike Shinoda came up with his album ‘Post Traumatic’, that talks about how things like depression and losing people hurt and affect their close ones. Some fans are still in the trauma of losing Chester – an introduction to the world of ‘rock’. Sharing his childhood memories associated with the band and their songs, Anoop Kumar, Assistant manager-product operations, Shiksha, reveals that Chester/Linkin Park introduced him to the world of rock music. Till then, he didn’t really know how rock or metal can also be used to express the basic things in life and not just the rebellious parts. “Chester/LP actually gave words to most of the things that I or most of us go through at the advent of puberty. These lyrics gave words to our feelings. Chester’s sudden demise actually felt like a big loss from my childhood memories. Maybe like a huge chunk of memories being ripped off before I was even ready,” he adds.last_img

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