Experiential journey of three women artists

first_imgConvincing a viewer to live the moments of happiness, ‘Exploring Lines’ attempts to reflect three experiential journeys of three distinct contemporary artists in shared space and time. Featuring works on paper and canvas expressed sensitively, exploring various media like charcoal, graphite, ink, oil and acrylics, the exhibition will compel one to see the beauty of life with a unique prism and step out of the indolence.The show attempts to perceive beyond the tangible and extract the finite out of the finite. The intent of the show is to present art that is cathartic and vivid, compelling the viewer to connect with the subtle imagery. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThoughts and emotions wander onto the surface in the form of meandering lines, both bold yet delicate, conveying sensitivity, confidence and dynamism. Literally and metaphorically, the ‘line’ serves as the artists’ fingerprint and tool for conveying feelings of space, form and expression.In her charcoal and graphite drawings, artist Gitanjali Kashyap uses the subtle symmetry generated by rhythmic movements in creation. Artist Neeraja Divate’s works are based on the underlying philosophy “Details create the big picture”. The work is textured as a result of pressed effect on an empty space in a determined direction with delicate strokes that bring to the forefront the concealed layers of one’s personality. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveContinuing on the same lines of thought, artist Ritu Mehra creates a textured surface on canvas, often with lines and marks that symbolize the infinite casual connections that make the microcosm of life. In a world where many artists think abstraction is only about colour and intensity of line, these three artists present deep dialogues into the dictates of abstraction’s inner realms. This is why texture is indeed vital and deeply fundamental to their act of creation.last_img

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