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first_imgWhen I was in 6th standard, I had flunked in class. I am appearing for my boards next year and my parents are extremely worried. They are constantly poking me and making me more nervous each day. What can I do?Vickey, South DelhiProbably the past is the reason why they are getting extra hyper. They are concerned too. But, you need to focus on your studies and forget everything about the surrounding. Do you have earplugs/ earphones? Just use them. Don’t let any external pressure pull your spirit down. We all have our lows and highs and it is just a matter of a few more months for situations to fall into place. Be patient, confident and concentrate on your exams. Don’t argue with your parents, ignore peacefully. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’During my pregnancy my cousin sister lived with us. My baby is five-month old and of late I have discovered that my husband is having an affair with her! I’m shattered, what should I do? Should I divorce him?Dolly, NasikIs this your suspicion or are you sure? Did you confront with either of them already? I am really sorry reading about this. But it is found that physical relationship during partner’s pregnancy is a very common thing. Unfortunate but true, men surely have this tendency. Firstly, please don’t hurt yourself. You have the biggest responsibility of the new born, take due care of the baby and of yourself. For the time being you can shift address and live with your parents/ relatives. Let your husband understand his mistake. If things go good, it’s fine. If not, seek legal help and sort life out. Nothing is permanent and this phase will go. Best wishes. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixI’m  a 38-year-old executive. My wife is a 34-year-old homemaker. We never fight, and in many ways we are compatible, but not when it comes to sex. How can we improve our sex life?Name unknownCouples end up in sexually unfulfilling marriages for a variety of reasons. Men may become more sexually assertive if they feel more in control, and women may feel more desire for a mate with newfound machismo.   I suggest, start a date where the man chooses everything – your clothes, the restaurant, the food – as a starting point. Talk about it: Couples also benefit from simply communicating with their partners about what they want in bed. Sometimes sexy lingerie and dinners out are no substitute for an honest conversation about sex. Get raw. Get real. Of late we are fighting too much. My husband runs his own business and hardly spends time with the family. I feel the relationship is suffering a lot because of his negligence. How can we fight less, is there any remedy?Trishna, AgraSome couples like to handle problems directly, and if each of the two people are this way, then they may resolve their problems more quickly and with less bitterness if they approach them head on. So it is always better to have a fight and sort out rather than bottling things up! Love more and I’m sure, you will fight less. Good Luck! Have a love or life query you cannot find an answer to?  Send your questions to –  [email protected]last_img

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