Netflix Releases Episode Titles for the Next Season of Black Mirror

first_img ‘Black Mirror’ Star Miley Cyrus Says Her Episode Is ‘Dark’ and ‘Out There’Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week Stay on target Black Mirror is the kind of satire that doesn’t feel good to watch. It’s darkly funny at times, but each episode leaves you depressed about the state of the world and where it’s heading. Each episode is a brutal gut punch, but it’s sci-fi settings are so well thought out and smart, we keep coming back for more. And from the looks of this teaser Netflix just put out, that’s not going to change.It’s a simple teaser that doesn’t reveal much. All it gives us is six episode titles, and a brief shot from each. In some cases, that’s enough to give us an idea of what the episode will be about. For most of them, we can’t tell what’s going on. All we know for sure is, none of it looks pleasant.The clip of the first episode gives us the least to go on. Titled “Crocodile,” all it shows us is a woman driving out into the mountains, another woman’s face appearing on a screen, and a third woman looking scared out a window.  “Arkangel” is even more disturbing. After a brief image of a child getting something injected into her head, we see her mom opening up a new tablet. Then, we cut to the mom ripping a pencil out of her bloodied child’s hand. Yeesh. So this episode could be about one of two things based on that. It could be about tablets replacing paper to the point where traditional drawing is heavily discouraged, but that seems too simple for Black Mirror. Could something be speaking to her through whatever was injected into her head?The next episode is called “Hang the DJ” which looks like it could be a dark take on dating apps. “USS Callister” looks like Star Trek but without all that pesky optimism. “Metalhead” looks like it’s about an evil robot dog that looks a lot like the military robots being built right now. Just in case the actual state of the world wasn’t terrifying enough. Finally, there’s “Black Museum” which involves an electronic helmet and a button next to the bed that a woman’s boyfriend clearly didn’t intend to step on. What’s going on there? We have no idea, but we’re sure it isn’t good.Charlie Brooker’s dark satire series works because it shows us a future that’s entirely plausible. It takes our present anxieties about technology and extrapolates them to horrifying extremes. Even in that Star Trek-inspired episode, if that’s what it is, I’d be willing to bet it’s a much more accurate portrayal of what would happen if humans reached the stars. We’re kind of the worst, and will deserve whatever happens in that episode.This is the kind of mood Black Mirror puts you in. It has a bleak outlook on humanity’s future, and you can’t claim any of it’s implausible. It’s a show that’s hard to binge because each episode is so brutal, you need a break to lighten up after one or two episodes. It’s going to absolutely wreck us, and we can’t wait.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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