Decision by Ecology leads BG to scrap sewer facility

first_imgThe city of Battle Ground is shelving its plans to construct a water reclamation facility after the Department of Ecology recently nixed the idea.The city has spent at least six years and $780,000 pursuing the idea. Even though the project isn’t feasible at this time, City Manager John Williams said it’s still a viable project for the future.“It doesn’t mean that money was wasted or it won’t be used,” Williams said. “Everything that was done was viable.”“With the current regulations in place with the (Department of Ecology), it just won’t work,” he added.Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo, however, said he is furious and the money was needlessly spent.“We’re potentially looking at layoffs in our city. How can I justify that to the citizens?” he said. For the last several years, city staff has been drafting the 20-year sewer plan. One of the components is addressing capacity needs for the next two decades. The options included increasing the capacity of the pipeline to the Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (the current method) or constructing a city-owned and -operated reclamation facility at the site of the now-decommissioned lagoon on Southeast Grace Avenue.The reclamation facility was identified as the preferred option because the treated wastewater could be used for irrigation at Cedars Golf Course, which currently pulls water from Salmon Creek. The treated wastewater also could be discharged directly into Salmon Creek.The Department of Ecology gave the initial go-ahead to research the project. But recently, the DOE told the city the project is not feasible. Any runoff or discharge from a reclamation facility would exceed the acceptable level of nutrients in the creek.last_img

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