Real Madrid could sack Lopetegui on Monday

first_imgReports from the Spanish press suggest that Real Madrid manager Julen Lopetegui could get sacked this Monday, but it’s not 100% certain.With all the bad results that manager Julen Lopetegui has gotten at Real Madrid during his first three months with the club, it would be a shame that he got sacked but that’s exactly what could happen according to the Spanish press.A report on Sunday by Onda Cero’s journalist Jose Ramon de la Morena, confirm that manager Florentino Perez seriously analyzed this Sunday that Julen Lopetegui’s time with Los Blancos could end this week.However, the bad results that FC Barcelona is having at the moment are the main reason why the club’s president could consider letting the manager salvage the situation after the international break.🎙️Jorge Valdano: “En un juego de hábitos la continuidad es importantísima”— El Transistor (@ElTransistorOC) October 7, 2018Real Madrid just lost at Alaves on Saturday and Lopetegui’s numbers are amongst the worst from a Real Madrid manager in the club’s history, but there are many authorized football voices in Spain that don’t agree with this possibility like former Real Madrid forward Jorge Valdano.The Argentine was part of Onda Cero’s program this Sunday and listened carefully to De La Morena’s report, he doesn’t think that taking continuity from Julen Lopetegui’s project is the best way to proceed for Real Madrid and defended the coach during the program.Jorge is convinced that the players are also to blame for the club’s situation, and he also speaks about how much Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence has hurt the squad.🎙️Jorge Valdano: “Yo creo que está al alcance de Lopetegui hacer reaccionar a este equipo” Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.— El Transistor (@ElTransistorOC) October 7, 2018Valdano listened to the debate table from Onda Cero, and he decided to give his verdict about the whole situation when he thought it best.“The greatest problem for Real Madrid right now is their lack of confidence, some players don’t even dare to push forward.”“A goal scorer’s talent is just as specific as the one that the goalkeeper has, and no Real Madrid player has that talent right now.”“Real Madrid had a goal fanatic (Cristiano Ronaldo) who is no longer there, the club lost its greatest goal scorer in history.”“I think that making the players react is still within Lopetegui’s reach. Sacking a manager is always a failure, especially in a game of habits where continuity is paramount,” said Jorge to Onda Cero.🔊 El Sanedrín de @ElTransistorOC: El futuro de Lopetegui, en el aire— Onda Cero (@OndaCero_es) October 7, 2018last_img

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