Geekcom Live Inside a hard drive operating room

first_imgDid you know that you can extract data from a hard drive even after it has been wiped or damaged? Data recovery specialists and forensic experts can often retrieve a significant amounts of information from drives that most would assume are long gone. Today we sat down with Russell Chozick of Flashback Data to walk through this process, and show everyone what goes into recovering a hard drive.Once a hard drive is damaged or is suspected to be damaged, most people throw in the towel and buy a new one, if they don’t just buy a new PC altogether. Even if the drive seems like it is no longer functional, the data on it is usually still intact. If you know how to get the data off of thestorage device, you haven’t lost anything.In extreme cases — such as when your backup fails — you can send your hard drive to facilities like Flashback Data to have a professional take a look at it. These facilities contain special clean rooms that allow specialists to open a hard drive up and extract the stored information. For the average consumer, this process is often too expensive to consider, but for businesses or people with data that can’t be reproduced (like photo albums) it’s an option many have been thankful to have.The most common customers of a data recovery team are businesses and the police. Companies use these services to recover mission critical data, while law enforcement rely on them to extract potentially useful information from drives that have either been damaged or wiped in order to stop someone from gaining access.Today we had a chance to look inside a clean room and see what it takes to extract data from a drive, and thanks to Hangouts on Air we can share this experience live.If you have any questions during the interview, please feel free to post there in the comments, on’s YouTube channel, or on our Google+ page.last_img

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