Astronaut Suicides An artistic look at life after NASAs shuttle program

first_imgThe space shuttle Atlantis blasted off on July 8 for the last time, marking NASA’s final shuttle launch ever. It’s no question that Americans were sad to see the shuttle program come to an end, but what about the astronauts? How do you think they feel now that many of them are out of jobs? Photographer Neil DaCosta and art director Sara Phillips chose to take a look at the rather depressing idea of a former astronaut who turns suicidal.Though the series of photos, named “Astronaut Suicides,” are definitely darkly comedic, they send a message about not only NASA astronauts who are now out of a job, but also the rest of the country that’s looking for work in a time of economic depression. DaCosta and Phillips staged a series of about 10 different ways of killing oneself.The anonymous astronaut has no NASA logos on his or her suit which was sourced from a Hollywood prop house. So although NASA may not necessarily look kindly on the art piece, we don’t think there’s much the organization can do about it.A visit to the duo’s project website,, shows the entire series. There are only two links to click on the page: “Contact” and “About.” The About section is short, listing only one quote from President Barack Obama from April 15, 2010. The quote, which most of us have seen by now, features Obama saying that we’ve been to the surface of the Moon, but that we’ve been there before. Meaning, there’s no need to go back.Phillips said that they hope the project will encourage a younger audience to pay attention to what’s going with the economic downturn that began three years ago. Not only is the project about job loss, but also the loss of a childhood icon which many children growing up today and in the future wont have a chance to experience.via Wiredlast_img

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