Skype Declared Illegal in China

first_imgIt’s turning out to be a pretty rough month for the folks at Skype. First there was that whole major service outage that the service suffered during one it its busiest times of year. And now it seems that the VoIP provider may soon become illegal in the world’s most populous country.Communist Party-run paper The People’s Daily declared all Internet phone services not run by state sanctioned China Telecom and China Unicom to be illegal. The article stated that The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is set to take Skype and other VoIPs out of commission in China.The Ministry reflected the statement in a recent announcement, “Currently, our ministry is working with relevant departments to focus on the crackdown on illegal VoIP [voice over internet protocol calls] and we are now appealing to the public for clues for illegal VoIP cases.”For now, Skype is currently available in the country. Said a spokeswoman, “Users in China currently can access Skype via TOM Online, our majority JV partner. TOM Online offers local versions of Skype for Windows, MAC as well as mobile platforms such as Symbian and Windows Mobile. More details can be found at”If Skype is indeed officially made illegal, it will be in good company, joing Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.last_img

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