Sony PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset is now sleeker and better sounding than

Personally, I never tend to plug in my headset when I’m playing a multiplayer game on my Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The sound’s lousy, they tend to be uncomfortable and bulky, and for what? Some 11 year old moistly shrieking racial obscenities into my ear? No thank you.Sony’s new official Bluetooth Headset for the PlayStation 3 obviates all but my last complaint: this is a gorgeous ear piece. It’s not packing in as many new features as you might expect for a device following a two year old accessory, but the new PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset improves where it counts.Mostly, the new headset is roughly the same as the previous version, first released back in 2008: dual microphones, automatic pairing with the PlayStation 3, a charging cradle, an easy-to-access mute button and an in-game headset status indicator. What Sony mainly decided to change in the new version is the design: the new Bluetooth Headset is now 30% smaller than the previous iteration, and far sleaker. It also features a High Quality mode for crystal clear audio, as well as noise canceling when paired with a PS3 or mobile phone… and heck, pair it with the latter, and you gain three-way calling and call waiting.Keen. The new Sony PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset will be on sale in the next few weeks for $49.99, and will require PlayStation 3 software version 3.50.Read more at PlayStation Blog

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