A longtime problem

first_imgWHILE it’s good to see underperforming city workers fired for not doing their jobs, it’s still not clear how the removal of transportation chief Gloria Jeff will fix the city’s traffic problems. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fired Jeff last week after just one year. She was brought in as someone who could solve L.A.’s problems, but either wasn’t up to the job or the problems were too big for her. But the department’s failings go back further than Jeff. In large part, the city’s traffic woes stem from things far outside the control of a mere bureaucrat. At their root, they are about the city’s political system, which has traditionally given carte blanche to politically friendly developers, with little consequences to long-term impacts such as traffic congestion. It’s time for a top-to-bottom shake-up of the Transportation Department, with strong leadership that will address the needs of the people, not the special interests.last_img

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