German market trends: Poor prospects for the autumn holidays

first_imgJust after German politicians called on people to stay in the country to avoid the risk of coronavirus, a survey was conducted on the thoughts of German tourists about travel in autumn and winter, reports the German fvw. With the decline in average daily interactions with clients by 19% (–90% on an annual basis) and bookings by 13% (–81% compared to 2019), the situation in travel agencies is getting worse and worse in the German market. Meanwhile, DER Touristik is the latest German tour operator to extend the season for Greece with new package deals for Kos, Corfu and Crete until the end of November. The second largest German group of tour operators has launched special offers for islands that can be booked until October 21 for departures until November 30. The FTI and Vtours have already pulled similar moves in recent weeks. “Avoid unnecessary vacations abroad”Said recently German Health Minister Jens Spahn, who advocates domestic travel in the fall and winter and who pointed out on German television that many COVID-19 infections during the pandemic involved people returning from other countries. “I think we can learn from this in terms of the fall, winter and Christmas holidaysSpahn added. Overall, 70% of Germans have no travel plans for the autumn holidays at all, which suggests that fear of travel is present in Germany. Of course, one survey does not reveal much, but similar results suggest a similar survey in the last quarter of September. TUI has decided to continue package deals in the Canary Islands in October due to school holidays, he explained. “Our goal is to offer a solution for the fall holidays to guests who still want to travel to the Canary Islands,” he said. TUI will set the flight schedule based on actual demand. By the way, Germany revised the other day list of risky countries, and so it is Zadar and Šibenik-Knin counties more they are not on the red list. The search data on the question: Are the borders open in certain countries are also interesting. The data confirm the greatest interest of German tourists in Austria, the Netherlands, then in Poland, Spain and Greece. DER Touristik expands the capacities of Greece Thus, according to a survey, only 5% of Germans are planning a holiday abroad this fall, and few consumers are thinking about domestic travel, ie within Germany, says a survey by YouGov, which surveyed more than 5.000 people in Germany between September 25 and 27. . Demand for the coming months is lower, according to the survey, but there is more interest in December, including Christmas time and the turn of the year, especially for three destinations – Germany, Egypt and Spain. The same destinations are also among the favorite holiday destinations in the spring of 2021. Even for the third week in a row, Greece continued a series of losses with a 16% drop after losing 9% and 10%, respectively, in previous weeks. For all other destinations analyzed, the situation was less dramatic: Poland (–10%) and sunbathing and beach destinations Spain (–10%), Turkey (–5%) and Egypt (–3%). With new travel warnings for destinations abroad, the demand for domestic travel has benefited from the fall of neighboring destinations Austria and the Netherlands. As for major destinations, France continued its decline with an additional 63% drop in demand after having already lost 42% a week earlier. After almost the entire country was declared a risk area, demand for France is in free fall. Austria is in a similar situation: since the German government issued a travel warning for Vienna, Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the popular destination for German tourists has been steadily losing demand with two weeks of double-digit reductions (-25% and -22%). Source: TrevoTrend TUI is once again offering a holiday in the Canary Islands By the way, Trevotrend provides weekly data of interest for destinations, travel periods and hotels based on inquiries from German users in thousands of travel agencies and hundreds of Internet portals, so the research is considered extremely relevant. Only one in 20 people plan to travel to another country during the upcoming autumn school holidays in October, while 9% plan to travel within Germany. Source: TrevoTrend “We want to give guests the choice of whether to go on vacation or cancel or book for free (on another date)A company spokesman told the DPA news agency. “We do this because customers want it.” Germany, Austria and the Netherlands account for more than 85% of interest. With the exception of Germany, all travel inquiries were significantly reduced, with five of the eight focused destinations (Croatia was not the subject of the survey) suffering a double-digit decline in interest compared to the previous week. The results are the latest study Trevotrend which analyzes search queries of German consumers. However, the German tourism industry hopes to demand over the next few weeks. For example, TUI plans to offer a holiday in the Canary Islands again from October 3, although the government still warns against traveling to the Spanish islands. Photo: Life of Pix On the other hand, when it comes to travel abroad, according to data from 02.10.2020. the greatest interest of the government is in Austria and Poland. Decreased interest in travel is also visible in the graph last_img

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