For the first time, a representative of the landlord was elected to the Tourist Board of the Zadar Tourist Board

first_imgIn addition to the members of the Assembly and the Tourist Board of the Zadar Tourist Board, members of the Zadar County Tourist Board were elected from among the members of the Tourist Board, Messrs. Ivica Katic, Miljenko Rajic and Josip Djurin.  Along with the mayor, who in accordance with the Law holds the position of President of the Tourist Board, the newly elected members of the Assembly of the Zadar Tourist Board in the term 2020-2024. years are as follows:  Klaudio Grdović  – private landlord,  Grgo Peronja  – private landlord,  Lozivka Župan  – private landlord,  Hrvoje Šestan  – Hotels Zadar dd,  Danijela Stanic Halapija  – Intermod doo- hotel Pinija,  Toni Šimac  Doo,  Allen Barjašić  – Borik dd,  Lovre Lovrenčić  Ltd., Punta Skala doo Goran Sremec  Ltd., Punta Skala doo Tomislav Fain  – Terra Travel Ltd. Melita Surać  – Spar Croatia doo,  Dario Ćoza  – Crodux derivati ​​dva doo,  Luka  Ramic – Crodux derivati ​​dva doo,  Josip Klišmanić  – Zadar Airport doo,  Miljenko Rajic  – Agram Yachting doo  Branimir Peša  – OTP banka dd,  Ivan Rajić  Doo , Interigre doo | Ante Rados  – Jadrolinija,  Jelka Milosevic  – Beta doo Considering that the total share of tourist arrivals and overnight stays in the city of Zadar in private accommodation is as much as 51%, for the purpose of more active involvement of renters in the work of the Tourist Board, the President of the Family Accommodation Expert Group sir Klaudio Grdović. According to the adopted Agenda, the newly elected members of the Assembly of the Zadar Tourist Board voted on the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, membership of the City of Zadar as a voluntary member in the Zadar Tourist Board and a proposal to amend the Work Program with financial plan for 2020.center_img In accordance with the new Law on Tourist Boards and the Promotion of Croatian Tourism, which entered into force on January 1, 2020, the Electoral Assembly of the Zadar Tourist Board was held today in the Great Hall of the City of Zadar, chaired by the Mayor of Zadar Branko Dukić. From 2020 to 2024, nineteen members of the Zadar Tourist Board were confirmed. At the same time, a new convocation of the Tourist Council was appointed for a term of the same duration. Travel agencies will be represented by Ms. over the next four years Mirjana Šarin from the company Mia Trade doo The current members of the Council are representatives of hoteliers, gentlemen Jasna Čurković i Hrvoje Šestan, trade representative Mr Mario Božulić, transport activities are represented by Mr. Slobodan Erslan, the representative of the caterer is a gentleman Dubravko Milin, and a representative of culture Mr. Renato Švorinić. last_img

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