The importance of a broader context and storytelling in tourism

first_imgThe Center is entered through a tunnel leading to the ring road. With special light effects and the sounds of a horse pounding in the trot and the sound of a spear when it hits the ring. Then the path leads the visitor to a room where Diminić’s sculpture of a ring bird is displayed on a pedestal in the middle, and horsemen’s spears are placed around it. You then come to a circular room where the video will be projected in a circle – 360 degrees. And finally the round ends with a hall in which 3 D animation will be subsequently installed. Visitors equipped with a spear (joystick) and virtual reality goggles, can try their hand at the Ring Race, reliving the tension before the race in an authentic ambience and with authentic sounds. Excellent sales point for the visitor to come and experience the real race. For the 55th year in a row, Vinkovci Autumns have been proudly preserving and nurturing Croatian traditional culture and heritage. Vinkovci Autumns are a stage of original traditional Croatian folklore, where about 8000 participants perform – guardians of their tradition and culture. All these materials are also the basis used for communication throughout the year, which most events do not do, but communicate most often a month before the event. Cover photo: FB Ring Race And that’s why the story or video “30 seconds” produced by Level52 is extremely important in the whole tourist mosaic. We are the main narrators and we must do our best to explain the importance of our tradition and ultimately the event to make it more important. It is not the fault of others if we do not tell them the story ourselves. This is the first prerequisite. By the way, the Ring Race is a folk equestrian competition launched in 1976 in Barban, and the race has become a trademark of Barban and one of the TOP and must see manifestation in Istria. Precisely in honor and with the aim of further promotion of the race, the first Barban Visitor Center was opened in Barban last year, dedicated to the Ring Race, but also to the Barban tradition, folklore and way of life. Often event organizers do not understand the importance of quality photo / video materials before, during and after the events as well as communication. Indeed, if the event lasts for several days, it would be good to have short video stories like last day’s resumes or teasers. Because when the event lasts, then there is an opportunity to record all the stories in the current setting and collect raw material that you can then play with later in the year. When the manifestation passes, then it is too late. A blend of history and tradition interpreted through new technologies. New technologies like AR or VR are just new tools / media for telling stories, in fact, embrace them. But what is a fact, no photo or video can replace a real experience. And it is the experiences, emotions and stories that are the very essence of tourism. That is why people travel to meet and experience a new way and culture of living. The whole marketing and promotion comes down to one thing – for visitors to come and experience the event live. And that’s why it’s important to communicate throughout the year, not just publish one poster.center_img But when we add to that the tradition, story and storytelling, which every tourist of Istria, and especially a visitor to the race should know, then it is another story. There is the power of storytelling and the importance of telling stories, which give meaning, value, respect to each tradition. But if we don’t. that story and we don’t provide that information then we can’t even expect others to understand, appreciate and respect us. People often do not know the broader context and depth of a story or tradition. We have reason to be proud and that is why we must make sure to apologize for it. Do you know about the traditional Ring Race in Barban? She let the horse race where the riders have to hit some lap. At first nothing special, some would say? Or is there something deeper in the whole story after all? As you can see from these two examples – the narrative and the story are extremely important – because they make sense. This is another proof of the importance of making such promotional films, as well as hiring professional production companies. We are the narrators and we have to make sure to tell our story, to all current and future visitors. Like, say, Vinkovci Autumns. Folklore festival, maybe not very interesting to many at first, but… Meet the Ring Race / 150 meters in less than 12 seconds Let us respect our tradition, identity and way and culture of living, because if we do not respect ourselves, the dream will not be respected by others. Let’s tell a story, our authentic stories. Now the Ring Race represents some new value, emotion and story, right? The video clearly shows the importance of the wider context and storytelling in tourism. Personally, I didn’t know the whole story, but now I know. last_img

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