Arizona’s Republican AG goes on Fox to say Arizona isn’t turning red no matter how Trump lies

first_img– Advertisement – ScreenShot2020-11-11at2.46.37PM.png One of the biggest problems that Donald Trump is facing in his attempts to thwart democracy and successfully pull off a coup d’état is that the jurisdictions he is accusing of massive voter fraud and failure are under the control of Republican Party officials. These officials have been given nothing even approximating evidence that a single example of voter fraud took place, let alone massive voter fraud.On Wednesday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich went on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to explain that even if the Trump administration could prove that their claims are true—and that is an “if” the size of a planet—it still wouldn’t turn Arizona from blue to red. Cavuto said, “Believe me, Attorney General, I admire your nerves of steel and a backbone to match … because a lot of people are not going to digest this very nice.” He asked Brnovich to be clear about what he was saying. Brnovich tried to be as clear as possible. Spoiler alert: Donald Trump lost big time.- Advertisement –last_img

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