Advíncula remembers how she faced a racist episode in Germany

first_imgLive this in first person It has made him an example of fighting racism. There was one case that particularly angered him. Sport Boys striker Francis Ortiz Lovera was exercising near his home when a policeman pointed a gun at him and immobilized him, as if he were a thief. The player denounced him and Advíncula put his face out for him with a forceful message on Instagram: “I’ll just say, how long does nero always have to be the bad guy?”Advíncula has found his site now. “I was tired of going from one team to another and Rayo’s plan for this season made me decide to stay. I do not regret. I did not consult the decision with coach Gareca, but I know he liked it, “he said. The defender has become the owner and lord of the right wing and is comfortable with a hobby that shares his values. Since 1997, the swollen redhead has continuously organized a ‘Days against Racism’ to try to raise awareness in society and eradicate this scourge once and for all. Together they will undoubtedly wage the most important game. That was the drop that filled the glass. The Peruvian exploded. “I threw the cereal at him. They ended up fining me, they suspended me. This guy is a racist, was saying. He insulted me in German, to which I responded by insulting him in Spanish “, he narrated with laughter the right side. It was not the only unpleasant experience he has suffered of this nature. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia he had to hear how part of the Australian fans simulated monkey sounds every time the defender touched the ball. Luis Advíncula is a personality in Peru. Each of his movements creates expectation, especially those that reveal his most human side. The same one that he showed these days during an interview in Movistar Deportes, where the defender confessed some episodes lived during his time at the German Hoffenheim during 2012-13. The international suffered in the first person the racism of one of his colleagues, from whom he did not want to reveal his identity.“Because of my character I get along well with everyone, only once did I get along badly with a partner. He had a German father and a Russian mother. He was bond sheet color (white race), also right side and I felt like he was talking about me. I didn’t understand anything, but I could tell. In the field we played reduced game, we played on the same team and I did not pass it“confessed Advíncula, who was listing other contempt:”I sat next to him and he got up to go to another table“last_img read more