“Technical incident” that shut down Internet slowly being solved

first_img May 12, 2021 Find out more MyanmarAsia – Pacific News Help by sharing this information RSF asks Germany to let Myanmar journalist Mratt Kyaw Thu apply for asylum US journalist held in Yangon prison notorious for torture News ————————————-02.11 – Another “technical incident” shuts down Internet againReporters Without Borders condemns the resumption of Internet censorship by the Burmese military government. Internet connections have been cut again since yesterday. One of the main ISPs, the state-controlled Myanmar Teleport (BaganNet), has again referred to a “technical incident.” “Burma is in the process of creating an Intranet in order to cut itself off from the international community,” the press freedom organisation said. “It is a remarkable coincidence that this so-called technical problem has come on the eve of UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari’s return tomorrow. Without TV footage and without eye-witness news reports, it will be harder for the international community to evaluate the situation in Burma, but it will be much easier for the military regime to do as it pleases.”Burmese were able to connect to the Internet for an average of only three hours a day from 28 September to 13 October. Thereafter, connections were gradually restored, as reported by an in-depth analysis published by the OpenNet Initiative on 22 October. ————————–29.10 – OpenNet Initiative publishes useful study of Internet shutdown Reporters Without Borders today hailed a report by Stephanie Wang of the OpenNet Initiative on the way the Burmese junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), cut the country’s Internet connection on 29 September. Founded by the universities of Harvard, Toronto, Oxford and Cambridge, the OpenNet Initiative studies Internet filtering issues and the social impact of new technologies.Published on 22 October, Wang’s report, entitled “Pulling the Plug,” describes the process of Burma’s isolation. For two weeks, a news blackout was imposed and most Burmese got their news from satellite TV and radio.Control of the Internet was facilitated by the fact that Burma’s only two ISPs, BaganNet and Myanmar Posts and Telecom (MPT), are state offshoots. The OpenNet Initiative report goes into detail about how the shutdown was implemented, with times, ISPs involved and methods used. “The junta attempted to sever the flow of information so that the picture of reality for people on both sides of the Burmese border would remain distorted,” the report says. “As a result, the targets for censorship expanded exponentially from websites that are critical of the junta to any individual with a camera or cell phone and direct or indirect access to the Internet.”The report divides the outage on MPT, the main ISP, into two phases. Phase 1 was a complete shutdown from 29 September to 4 October with one brief period of connectivity on 1 October for six hours starting at 18:35. Phase 2, from 4 to 12 October, consisted of a daily outage lasting all day except from around 22:00 to 4:00 each night. On 7 October, MPT had one extra period of connectivity from 9:40 to 15:37. MPT finally appears to have resumed a stable network from 13 October, with few changes in routing paths.The outage on BaganNet, the smaller ISP, followed a similar pattern, with one exception on the morning of 1 October when its border routers “accidentally” peered with a Singapore-based telecom company and allowed its users to connect to the Internet for around six hours at a time when MPT was permanently out.The report says Internet use increased within the country during the crisis because it was always possible to use censorship-evasion techniques. The Intranet carried on functioning correctly and MPT provided a connection to the sites of military offices (myochitmyanmar.blogspot.com and drlunswe.blogspot.com) and to those sites that offered no political news. Some sites such as dathana.blogspot.com and niknayman.blogspot.com did however post news about the demonstrations during the blackout that were not censored.“Many believe that the breakthrough uses of the Internet over this period have enabled some irreversible gains,” the report says. “Multiple generations of Burmese living locally and abroad have found linkages to each other as blogging became increasingly recognized as a valuable source of information (…) even the vast majority of Burmese without access to or knowledge of the Internet may have benefited from the enduring achievement of a small band of citizen bloggers and journalists.”Burma was ranked 164th out of 169 countries in the Reporters Without Borders 2007 world press freedom index. Since the demonstrations got under way in September, six journalists have been detained and a photographer has disappeared. May 26, 2021 Find out more News November 6, 2007 – Updated on January 20, 2016 “Technical incident” that shut down Internet slowly being solvedcenter_img to go further RSF_en MyanmarAsia – Pacific The Internet has been accessible again in Burma since 3 November. After been cut off for two days, Internet users can again connect to foreign websites that are not normally blocked. The connection speed is nonetheless very low and it can sometimes take hours to send an email.Burma’s two ISPs, Myanmar Posts and Telecoms (MPT) and BaganNet, blamed a “technical incident” on 1 November although it is clear to Reporters Without Borders that there was a political decision to block access, as was the case during the recent saffron revolution, when the two ISPs limited access to an average of three hours a day from 28 September to 13 October. Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar May 31, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts Follow the news on Myanmar Organisation News The Internet has been accessible again in Burma since 3 November. After been cut off for two days, Internet users can again connect to foreign websites that are not normally blocked. The connection speed is nonetheless very low and it can sometimes take hours to send an email. last_img read more

FHFA’s Unified MBS Plans Delayed Until 2019

first_imgSubscribe Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago 2017-03-23 Scott Morgan Home / Daily Dose / FHFA’s Unified MBS Plans Delayed Until 2019 March 23, 2017 2,172 Views Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Share Save The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Previous: Dealing with Title Defects in Foreclosure Proceedings Next: Americans Flock to Warmer ‘Burbs Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago About Author: Scott Morgan in Daily Dose, Featured, News The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Related Articles Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Scott Morgan is a multi-award-winning journalist and editor based out of Texas. During his 11 years as a newspaper journalist, he wrote more than 4,000 published pieces. He’s been recognized for his work since 2001, and his creative writing continues to win acclaim from readers and fellow writers alike. He is also a creative writing teacher and the author of several books, from short fiction to written works about writing. Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago  Print This Post The Federal Housing Finance Agency Thursday announced that Release 2 for its Single Security Initiative and Common Securitization Platform (CSP) for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will come in mid-2019.Release 2, the announcement stated, will allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to use the CSP to issue a single, common security to be called the uniform mortgage-backed security, or UMBS. FHFA had planned Release 2 for 2018, saying it needs more time to develop the programs fully.The plans, however, are ambitious. According to FHFA’s update report on Release 2, the agency has two main objectives in undertaking the UMBS initiative. The first is to establish a single, liquid market for the mortgage-backed securities issued by both GSEs that are backed by fixed-rate loans. The second is to maintain the liquidity of the that market over time.“Achievement of these objectives would further FHFA’s statutory obligation and the Enterprises’ charter obligations to ensure the liquidity of the nation’s housing finance markets,” the report stated. “The Single Security Initiative should also reduce the cost to Freddie Mac and taxpayers that has resulted from the historical difference in the liquidity of Fannie Mae’s Mortgage-Backed Securities and Freddie Mac’s Participation Certificates.”Freddie Mac has been using the data acceptance, issuance support, and bond administration modules of the CSP for activities related to its current single-class, fixed-rate securities participation certificates. “With Release2,” the agency stated, “both enterprises will use the modules and issue UMBS.”Watt said, “The CSP and single security are ambitious projects,” said. “I am very pleased with the hard work and determination of all those involved who helped make Release 1 a success and laid the foundation for successful implementation of Release 2.”Watt added that he is grateful for the support and input received from the public and from industry participants.“I encourage all market participants to begin moving forward with their preparations to make the changes they will need to accompany implementation of the single security initiative,” he said.The update also describes other milestones reached, costs related to the CSP, and specific steps being taken to ensure alignment between the GSEs. This, FHFA stated, is “central to the success of the single security, and to enhancing the liquidity of the secondary mortgage market on an ongoing basis. Sign up for DS News Daily FHFA’s Unified MBS Plans Delayed Until 2019last_img read more

Civil-Military Cooperation of the Company of Engineers in Haiti

first_imgBy Dialogo May 08, 2012 In the context of an international peace operation and its multidimensional character, deployed military units carry out a variety of tasks in accordance with their primary mission, but at the same time engage in cooperation activities in the deployment area for the benefit of the most vulnerable inhabitants of the area of responsibility. It is in this context that the Chilean-Ecuadorean Combined Company of Horizontal Construction Engineers has carried out an ongoing cooperation program with different entities with few resources, under the guidance of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), with the objective of supporting the directives of the UN’s office for civil-military cooperation – known in the international arena as CIMIC – in Chile. In order to implement these programs, which are primarily humanitarian-aid actions, the combined unit, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Claudio Mendoza Oyarce, has identified tasks of vital importance for sectors of the population lacking basic services and material resources to meet their needs, especially those of children in irregular situations. These activities include the delivery of food, water, clothing, and gifts, recreational activities, medical visits, fumigation, and small-scale construction and repairs at schools and orphanages in the city of Port-au-Prince. All the activities done in this context are vitally important for the beneficiaries. “The aim is to maintain a hygienic environment for the children who live or study in the places where the Company does this work. Pest control, to reduce the risk of illnesses such as malaria and dengue – highly prevalent in Haiti – as well as gastrointestinal illnesses such as cholera and vector-borne acute gastroenteritis, is fundamental, and this is precisely what’s received special attention, with the aim of improving these children’s quality of life,” Captain José Sánchez Paredes, the unit’s health and CIMIC officer, indicated, since with the contribution in the health area, the delivery of potable water, and fumigation, it has been possible to achieve these objectives with the added value of providing moments of recreation for the children.last_img read more

Holladay wins first Deery Series feature, Bruening clinches tour crown at West Liberty

first_imgChad Holladay raced to his career first Deery Brothers Summer Series feature win when the 30th annual IMCA Late Model tour concluded Saturday at West Liberty Raceway. (Photo by Mike Ruefer)WEST LIBERTY, Iowa (Sept. 24) – Chad Holladay won his first Deery Brothers Summer Series feature while Tyler Bruening became a first-time IMCA Late Model tour champion Saturday night at West Liberty Raceway.Holladay raced from the 15th starting spot to win the 50-lap finale for the 30th annual series, leading the last 28 circuits en route to the $2,500 Ideal Ready Mix Liberty 100 payday.“We had a good car, obviously. I was able to run the cushion where no one else was and found some bite on (turn) four. The cautions helped and we had a little bit of luck. It was a little bit of everything tonight,” he said. “A Deery Series win is something we’ve always wanted and we’ve come close a couple times. We’re hoping to pick up at the same place we left off next year.”Bruening made his charge toward the front from 21st starting and finished sixth. He’d gone into the day just a single point ahead of Jeff Aikey in the race for the series crown but the anticipated last-race drama disappeared when Aikey couldn’t make the call for the main event due to engine issues.Andy Eckrich, Matt Ryan, Joel Callahan and Chris Horn finished second through fifth, respectively.Jeremiah Hurst led early from the pole before Ryan settled in for a 14-lap turn up front. Callahan took over for six circuits. Holladay made the most of the higher line once he got in front and pulled away from the pack.The regular season track champion at West Liberty, Holladay’s previous best Deery Series finish came with a third place run on Sept. 3 at Farley Speedway.Callahan also topped the $2,500 to-win 50-lapper for pay only and $1,000 to-win Iron Man Challenge. He won the $250 Sunoco Race Fuels feature qualifier drawing as well.Top 10 drivers in point standings for the second half of the series will receive checks totaling $9,325 during the IMCA national awards banquet in November. Bruening’s share will be $2,500.The complete Liberty 100 program was held on Saturday after Friday’s scheduled program was postponed due to wet track conditions.Feature results – 1. Chad Holladay, Muscatine; 2. Andy Eckrich, Oxford; 3. Matt Ryan, Davenport; 4. Joel Callahan, Dubuque; 5. Chris Horn, Cedar Rapids; 6. Tyler Bruening, Decorah; 7. Joe Zrostlik, Long Grove; 8. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa; 9. Scott Fitzpatrick, Cedar Falls; 10. Kevin Kile, West Liberty; 11. Kyle Hinrichs, Swisher; 12. Denny Eckrich, Tiffin; 13. Jeff Tharp, Sherrill; 14. Corey Zeitner, Omaha, Neb.; 15. Ray Guss Jr., Milan, Ill.; 16. Ryan Dolan, Lisbon; 17. Darrel DeFrance, Marshalltown; 18. Richie Gustin, Gilman; 19. Jeremiah Hurst, Dubuque; 20. Jake Neal, Omaha, Neb.; 21. Jay Chenoweth, Wapello; 22. Justin Kay, Wheatland; 23. Rob Toland, Davenport; 24. Jeff Aikey, Cedar Falls.Ironman Challenge – 1. Callahan; 2. Holladay; 3. Bruening; 4. Guss; 5. Carter; 6. Dolan; 7. Fitzpatrick; 8. Ryan; 9. DeFrance; 10. Aikey; 11. Kay; 12. Jay Johnson, West Burlington; 13. Toland; 14. Neal; 15. Zrostlik.Pay only feature – 1. Callahan; 2. Carter; 3. Neal; 4. Horn; 5. Zrostlik; 6. Denny Eckrich; 7. Hurst; 8. Jonathan Brauns, Muscatine; 9. Tharp; 10. Fitzpatrick; 11. Dolan; 12. Marty Scheckel, Long Grove; 13. Zeitner; 14. Holladay; 15. Kile; 16. Hinrichs; 17. DeFrance; 18. Ryan; 19. Boyse; 20. Andy Eckrich; 21. Mike Zemo Jr., Davenport; 22. Kay.last_img read more

Fair Haven Cop Recovering After Swimming Accident

first_imgBy Jay Cook |BELFORD – By all accounts, Dwayne Reevey is the kind of cop any police department would be lucky to have.He’s in the schools creating relationships with the youth, allows the kids in town to call him by his first name and has been known to play pickup basketball after school while still in uniform.That’s exactly why the greater Fair Haven community has rallied to support Reevey, 32, who grew up in town, during his recovery from a tragic July 4 swimming accident that left him with a broken neck.“Deep down, I was scared,” Reevey told The Two River Times from his Belford home this week. “For a second I thought I was going to die.”He and his family were celebrating Independence Day on Long Beach Island; they had a condominium there and were on the beaches all day. It was 5:30 p.m. and Reevey headed to the ocean after a sandy game of frisbee. He might have jumped into the water about 15 times that day, but this time he didn’t realize the tide had receded.Reevey, who stands at 6 feet 4 inches, jumped into a breaking wave in water that only reached his shins.“Immediately my eyes opened and I could see the water and sand,” he recalled. “My ears were ringing like that scene on the beach in ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ That’s when my fingers went numb. I kept telling myself, ‘get up, get up, get up.’ ”After a few moments of lying in the surf, Reevey mustered up the strength to stand and walk out of the ocean. He alerted his wife, Christina, that something wasn’t right. A first aid squad arrived in short order and Reevey was at Southern Ocean Medical Center in Manahawkin in under an hour.Thinking he only suffered a stinger or a muscular injury, Reevey was blindsided when a physician’s assistant informed him of the serious prognosis.He had fractured his C1 vertebrae in four places. He said every doctor told him he should be either paralyzed or dead. But remarkably, he wasn’t.“God gave me another chance,” Reevey said. “I definitely had angels looking after me that day.”Surgery soon followed. He was transferred to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, and was admitted for seven days. Doctors installed a halo, a device where four screws are drilled into the first layer of the skull and connected to support beams for stabilization. Reevey was then moved to Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank to undergo five days of rehabilitation.Nearly two weeks after that life-altering leap, Reevey is back in the comfort of his own home with his wife, mother and 1-year-old son, albeit with some changes. His vigorous workout routine has come to a standstill as he can’t lift more than five pounds, meaning he can’t even pick up his son. Sleeping isn’t easy either, but Reevey has begun to find a groove. Soon after returning home July 16, Reevey started taking walks, brewed coffee and cooked his own eggs. He knows he’s lucky to be alive.“Now I just have a new perspective on life and how short it really is,” he said.Efforts to support the Reevey family after the accident quickly blossomed. He’s a Fair Haven native with roots dating back to the 1880s in the borough. A graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School, he went on to major in criminal justice at Rowan University, where he played soccer and basketball. Reevey joined the Fair Haven Police Department in 2010 as a 26-year-old and quickly became a friendly presence for the police in the local school district.Reevey’s closest friends dating back to his middle school days set up a GoFundMe account to provide financial help to his family. Remarkably, in only six days, 676 people donated $71,781 to help pay for the impending hospital bills.“It was one thing to just ‘like’ the post,” said his wife, Christina, “but for people to actually put themselves out there and do that was amazing.”Seventh-grade students from Knollwood School held a bake sale July 12 to fundraise for Dwayne Reevey, who teaches the Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) program to students in Fair Haven’s public schools. Photo by Jay CookHis impact on school-aged children is evident. Three young girls set up a lemonade stand fundraiser July 9 at the corner of River Road and Lexington Avenue. Later in the week, eight seventh-grade girls from Knollwood School held a homemade bake sale outside the ACME on River Road to raise money for his recovery.“We had him in fifth grade and we felt really bad because he’s one of our favorite police officers in town,” said 12-year-old Reilly Sullivan. “We just really wanted to do something.”Reevey said he’s been touched by all the personal sentiments and support from his small hometown.“I don’t know what to do to show all of my appreciation and gratitude,” he said. “I just feel like screaming to everybody about how happy I am and how much of an impact their support had on my mentality.”That mentality has kept Reevey focused on an eventual return to work. He’ll wear the halo for two months and, with no setbacks in his rehab, he hopes to return to light duty in mid-September.“He’s like a brother to us,” said Fair Haven police chief Joseph McGovern. “I’m pretty optimistic that he’s going to have a full recovery. It may take some time but he’s making progress.”That sense of normalcy will be welcomed with open arms, Reevey said. He’s eager to get back in the schools, protect the community and also fully recover to be there for his family.“I don’t know what they would do if I didn’t get out of the ocean that day,” Reevey said about his wife, son and mother. “Yeah, it’s scary, but it just means that I have to live my life to the fullest and keep doing what I’m doing.”This article was first published in the July 19-26, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more


first_img170 KENTUCKY DERBY QUALIFYING POINTS UP FOR GRABS AS ‘RUN FOR THE ROSES’ LOOMS MAY 2 ARCADIA, Calif. (April 1, 2015)–Kaleem Shah’s undefeated Dortmund heads a field of six in Saturday’s Grade I, $1 million Santa Anita Derby, to be run at 1 1/8 miles. Trained by Bob Baffert, Dortmund comes off a 1 ¼ length win in the Grade II, 1 1/16 miles San Felipe Stakes on March 7, thus stamping himself as one of America’s elite Kentucky Derby candidates.A chestnut colt by 2008 Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown, Dortmund showed tremendous courage in winning head photos in both the Grade I Los Alamitos Futurity on Dec. 20 and the Grade III Robert B. Lewis Stakes on Feb. 7 and has many racing observers believing that his best is yet to come.Favored in all five starts, Dortmund has been the odds-on choice in his last four races and has been ridden throughout by Martin Garcia. An imposing sight at 17 hands, Dortmund took the San Felipe in gate to wire fashion and appears on the improve for Baffert, who seeks a record seventh win in the West Coast’s premier Kentucky Derby prep.With 170 Kentucky Derby qualifying points at stake (100 to the winner, 40 to second, 20 to third and 10 to the fourth place finisher), here’s a snapshot look at the field for Saturday’s Santa Anita Derby:–DORTMUND Along with stablemate, American Pharoah, Dortmund is considered the number one or two seed in the run-up to this year’s Kentucky Derby. A runaway first-out maiden winner going 6 ½ furlongs at Santa Anita Nov. 2, he made his next start going a one turn mile at Churchill Downs on Nov. 29, where he demolished a 12-horse allowance field by 7 ¾ lengths, covering the distance in 1:35.60.Owned by Kaleem Shah, Inc., Dortmund was purchased out of a 2-year-old in training sale last May for $140,000. A Kentucky-bred colt by Big Brown out of the Tale of the Cat mare Our Josephina, he has been perfect in all five starts and has banked $689,400.–PROSPECT PARK Although he didn’t break his maiden until his fourth start, on Dec. 27 at Santa Anita, this Kentucky-bred colt by Tapit is making up for lost time, as he followed a 5 ¼ length one mile allowance score on Jan. 30 with a huge second, beaten just 1 ¼ lengths, by Dortmund in the Grade II San Felipe Stakes March 7.“They won the battle, but we’ll win the war,” is how jockey Kent Desormeaux described Prospect Park’s San Felipe. Owned and bred by Pam and Martin Wygod and trained by Clifford Sise, Prospect Park earned a career-best 102 Beyer Speed figure in the San Felipe and has left many observers feeling there could be even better things to come in the Santa Anita Derby. Out of the Bertrando mare, Quiet Romance, Prospect Park is 6-2-2-1, with earnings of $166,570.—BOLO–Trained by Carla Gaines, this Kentucky-bred colt by the Dynaformer stallion, Temple City, ran a huge third in the San Felipe, which was his first-ever try on dirt. Beaten just 1 ¾ lengths by Dortmund, Bolo, who had won two consecutive races on grass leading into the San Felipe, appears to have thrust himself into the Derby conversation as a legitimate contender who may continue to improve with added distance.“Every time I’ve ridden him, he’s galloped out like a monster,” said Mike Smith, who regains the mount after opting for Ocho Ocho Ocho in the San Felipe.Out of the Chief Seattle mare Aspen Mountain, Bolo is owned by Golden Pegasus Racing, Inc. and Earle Mack. With a vastly improved 101 Beyer Speed figure in the San Felipe, Bolo, who like so many in the Derby field likes to run close to the pace, will hope to ration his speed at a mile and one eighth. He has two wins and a third from four starts, with earnings of $129,700.–ONE LUCKY DANE The “Other Baffert” in the Derby field, this bay colt by 2010 Preakness Stakes winner Lookin At Lucky overcame a 4 ½ month layoff to win a one mile allowance by 9 ¾ lengths on March 19, a race that established him as a Derby contender. A 9 ½ length one mile maiden winner at Santa Anita three starts back on Oct. 4, One Lucky Dane was well beaten when splitting the field two starts back in the Grade I Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Nov. 1.Owned by Michael Lund Petersen, One Lucky Dane won in gate to wire fashion on March 19 and will no doubt show plenty of speed on Saturday under regular rider Rafael Bejarano. Out of the Boston Harbor mare Echo Harbor, One Lucky Dane sold for $490,000 as a Keeneland September yearling in 2013. He is 5-2-1-1 with earnings of $92,400.–CROSS THE LINE A troubled second, beaten 2 ½ lengths in the Grade III, 1 1/8 miles El Camino Real Derby on Feb. 14 at Golden Gate Fields, this colt by Line of David will try natural dirt for the first time in his initial foray at a track other than Golden Gate. Trained by Jerry Hollendorfer, Cross the Line rallied from off the pace to win the one mile California Derby Jan. 17 and will likely try to employ similar tactics on Saturday.The only horse in the field to have run a mile and one eighth, Cross the Line, who is owned by Hollendorfer, George Todaro, Live Your Dream Racing Stable, LLC and partners, will again get the services of Bay Area-based Juan Hernandez, who has ridden him in his three previous races–two of them wins. Out of the Mr. Greeley mare Beer Baroness, Cross the Line is 5-2-2-1, with earnings of $123,920.–BAD READ SANCHEZ A 10 length first-out maiden winner going five furlongs at Santa Anita on June 20, “Sanchez” has been idle since running third in the Grade II, 6 ½ furlong Best Pal Stakes at Del Mar and will try two turns for the first time. A longshot who could make the early lead, this Kentucky-bred colt by Warrior’s Reward is trained by Doug O’Neill, who won the Santa Anita Derby in 2012 with I’ll Have Another and in 2013 with Goldencents.Owned by J. Paul Reddam’s Reddam Racing, LLC, Bad Read Sanchez will be ridden by Mario Gutierrez, who rode Reddam’s I’ll Have Another to victories in the 2012 Santa Anita Derby, Kentucky Derby and Preakness. Out of the Pulpit mare Past Twilight, Bad Read Sanchez is 3-1-1-1 with earnings of $77,600.With all horses assigned 122 pounds, here is the field for Saturday’s Grade I Santa Anita Derby, to be run as the eighth race on an 11-race card, with jockeys and morning line in post position order: Dortmund, Martin Garcia, 3-5; One Lucky Dane, Rafael Bejarano, 5-1; Cross the Line, Juan Hernandez, 15-1; Bolo, Mike Smith, 4-1; Prospect Park, Kent Desormeaux, 7-2, and Bad Read Sanchez, Mario Gutierrez, 30-1.                 Special early first post time on Saturday is at 12 noon. Admission gates open at 10 a.m. In addition to the Santa Anita Derby, five other stakes will be offered: The Grade I, $400,000 Santa Anita Oaks, the Grade III, $150,000 Providencia Stakes, the $200,000 Echo Eddie Stakes, the $200,000 Evening Jewel Stakes and the $75,000 Thunder Road Stakes. –30–last_img read more

China to have Rose Parade float

first_imgIn a historic prelude to the Beijing Olympics, China will be represented in its first Rose Parade float on New Year’s Day. “What a fabulous way to launch the Beijing Olympics year,” said Diane Dixon, senior vice president of Avery Dennison, a Pasadena-based company that is co-sponsoring the Olympics-theme float. “It’s historic. The People’s Republic of China has never had a float in the Tournament of Roses parade,” Dixon said. A formal announcement regarding the float was scheduled for Monday at tournament headquarters in Pasadena, whose sister city is the Xicheng district of Beijing. A delegation of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee was expected to attend. Dixon said the Chinese government was not paying for the float, which will roll through Pasadena on Jan. 1, 2008. The other co-sponsor is the Roundtable of Southern California Chinese-American Organizations. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, however, is lending its trademarks and the Olympic symbol to the float, Dixon said. The theme of the 2008 Rose Parade is fittingly “Passport to the World’s Celebrations,” and tournament officials had hoped for China to be represented. Floats are entered in the parade on behalf of a city, corporation or organization. The China float will be designed by Festival Artists Worldwide. “It’s a great way to bring attention to the Olympics, to showcase and highlight the cooperative relationship between the United States and China,” Dixon said. “We think that it will captivate and capture a lot of interest.” Approximately 40 million Americans watch the Rose Parade on TV, as well as millions of international viewers in 150 territories around the world, according to the Tournament of Roses. Avery Dennison, which makes products range from mailing labels to highway safety signs, has been expanding operations in China for the past 15 years and now has about 6,000 of its 23,000 employees based there.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgTrade unions Unite and Mandate claim that 10% of people in Ireland are suffering food poverty – and Donegal is the worst-hit.The unions are demanding immediate Government aid for poverty relief organisations to help.In a county-by-county report produced today, they say that Donegal is the worst-hit with one-in-nine people affected in the county with the lowest income levels. The two unions want the Government to provide immediate aid to organisations providing food assistance to enable them to cope with Christmas demand.Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said: “Food poverty in Ireland today is part of a policy-made disaster – austerity, and the collapse in incomes it has brought in its wake.“Organisations providing food assistance are stretched to their limits, which is why we are calling on the Government to immediately make €10 million available to such organisations,” he said.DONEGAL IS WORST-HIT BY FOOD POVERTY SAY UNIONS was last modified: December 15th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Local Roundup: Arcata edges Fortuna to remain undefeated in Big 5 play

first_imgFortuna >> The Arcata Tigers remained undefeated in Big 5 play with a narrow 61-59 victory over the Fortuna Huskies on Friday at Fortuna High School.Senior guard Bryce Mateer led the Tigers with 19 points. Owen Morehead added 17 for Arcata.The Tigers play South Fork at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Arcata High School before facing McKinleyville in a critical Big 5 match-up at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at Mack.Fortuna (7-6 overall, 1-1 Big 5) faces McKinleyville at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at McKinleyville …last_img

Greek Freak drops 37 points, leads Bucks past Celtics

first_imgMilwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, right, tries to drive past Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown, left, during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)BOSTON — Giannis Antetokounmpo dribbled into the paint, spun to his left and found his path to the basket blocked by Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum.Instead, the Greek Freak fed the ball to Matthew Dellavedova beyond the arc for the 3-pointer that helped seal Milwaukee’s 108-100 victory over the Boston Celtics in the Bucks’ season opener on Wednesday night.ADVERTISEMENT “I passed the ball to Delly,” said Antetokounmpo, who had 16 of his 37 points in the fourth quarter— and the biggest assist of the game, as well. “And that’s what Delly does.”One night after a gruesome broken ankle just six minutes into the season cost Boston top free agent Gordon Hayward — perhaps for the entire year — the Celtics fell to 0-2 by giving up an 11-1 run that left Milwaukee with a 97-90 lead and under three minutes to play.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutAntetokounmpo added 13 rebounds, Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon scored 19 points and Khris Middleton had 15 points and nine rebounds for the Bucks. Dellavedova scored 15 points, including the 3-pointer with 45 seconds left after the Celtics cut the lead to two points.“I thought Giannis made a great play at the end, trusting his teammate,” Bucks coach Jason Kidd said. “Just to trust his teammate down at the end to make a play … he got off the ball and Delly made a big shot.” Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Kyrie Irving scored 17 points on 7-for-25 shooting in his Boston debut, and Jaylen Brown had 18 in a subdued home opener for the Celtics, who underwent a near-complete overhaul over the summer even after earning the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference last season.Although Irving and No. 3 draft pick Jayson Tatum appeared in a Celtics home uniform for the first time, Hayward was left to wish them well in a pregame video in his hospital gown from his hospital bed. After cheering Hayward during his scoreboard appearance, the Celtics fans broke into a chant of his name during the first half.“Like he told us before the game, we got that message — before the whole arena got the message — he’s fine,” Celtics guard Terry Rozier said. “Personally, it was tough seeing, but I think we’ll be fine. We’ve just got to adjust.”But the team was unable to make up for the absence of the player who was expected to be their key offseason acquisition when he signed a four-year, $128 million contract to rejoin Brad Stevens, his college coach, in Boston.The Celtics trailed by seven heading into the third quarter before scoring 14 of the next 16 points, taking a 69-64 lead on Irving’s 3-pointer from the top of the key. But the Bucks regained the lead with six minutes to play, holding Boston without a basket for about five minutes.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ View comments LATEST STORIES Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Read Next Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Kin of Misamis Oriental hero cop to get death benefits, award — PNP FIGHTING WORDSBoston’s Marcus Smart and Dellavedova traded hard fouls early in the second quarter, leading to some shoving and a technical foul for the Celtics guard. First, Smart went to the floor with a bit of a hip check. Later, Smart seemed to embellish his fall when Dellavedova ran into his screen.Smart came up and put his chest into the Bucks guard, and Milwaukee’s John Henson reached in to try to restrain him. Dellavedova was called for a common foul and Smart was given a technical.TIP-INSBucks: Returned to the road for their season opener. Before opening at home the past two seasons, the Bucks had tipped off on the road for 30 years in a row. … Greg Monroe went to the locker room in the first quarter with a cut on the side of his head, near his right eye, and said he had “a couple of” stitches. He and finished with 10 points in 17 minutes…. Antetokounmpo’s 37 points were the third-most in his career.Celtics: No. 3 overall draft pick Tatum had eight points and nine rebounds. … Brown had his left wrist taped after the game and said “sprained it or something.”UP NEXTBucks: Host Cleveland on Friday night.Celtics: Visit Philadelphia on Friday night. 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