Heat Hot! Ideas To Stay Cool In Thurston County

first_imgFacebook13Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Dr. Diana YuWhat do you do when you’re HOT?  Extreme highs and lows in temperature are most dangerous to infants, young children, vulnerable elderly and those who otherwise are unable to help themselves.  Many of us do not have or have chosen not to have air conditioning for the few days in the year that temperatures go over 90 degrees.   Here are some tips for helping you through some of our hotter days.Early morning, and evening are the best time to get in your daily aerobic exercise.  It is also the best time to do more strenuous outdoor activities.  If you have to be outdoors at other times, try to find some shade from direct sunlight.  Remember to stay well hydrated, and use sunscreen.  If you are sweating a lot, remember that you are losing some electrolytes as well, hydrate mostly with water but occasionally add some oral rehydration solution like Gatorade.  Don’t forget that your pets need lots of water as well.I don’t know about you but when it is really hot, I often do not have much of an appetite.  I definitely do not want to be in a hot kitchen over a hot stove.  Hot days are a good time to find some shade and have a light picnic.  Choose cool or cold foods that can be prepared ahead of time.  Make sure to keep them properly chilled.  Gelatin salads, green salads, potato or macaroni salads, sliced watermelon and other fruits are plentiful this time of year.  You can also do some outdoor grilling.A breeze would be nice, but if there isn’t any, using a fan to circulate air and create a breeze has a great cooling effect.   Putting an open bucket of ice in front of a fan helps to really cool the air down.   Add a little sprinkler to run through or have a bottle sprayer with water to cool folks down, and you are set.Keep your house cooler by lowering shades during the day.  If all else fails, this might be a great time to go window shopping at local malls or make a visit to your local library or any other air conditioned public place during the hottest part of the day.  Sitting in the shade at Percival Landing with a breeze flowing through is great for people and bird watching.   Heritage Park has plenty of shaded areas to rest in after a run through the water fountain.Stay cool and enjoy the heat, it won’t last!last_img read more