Children who don’t go to School to Support their Families

first_imgTwo 10 year old boys selling straws, a product that hardly sells due to the fact that Liberians perfer drinking directly from a bottle. – “we do not go to school”As cruel as it may sound to force a child to go into the streets of Liberia to look for money, what is more disturbing is the idea that these same children do not go to school before or after they are done.The Liberian government has put on hundreds of street awareness campaigns and the like to make sure that all children go to school, but these warnings have fallen on deaf ears.This embarrassing situation of children on the streets chasing after people to buy their products, something their parents could never be bold enough to do, has to stop.Online reports show that a high percentage of children who go out every day to sell become more and more emotionally challenged. Some are seen abused and even robbed of their goods; and in some instances, their innocence.Our reporter has begun a project that will allow these parents to see the effects their children have on society when they are seen selling, rather than in school. Through pictures and vox pops like on this page, maybe these children will not have to feel the embarrassment being in the streets all day alone. Their parents can join in, too.Parents, let this be a lesson that society is watching those who cause children that are not even old enough to be burdened with the cost of living, to labor all day on the streets of Liberia.These girls stop to talk about the amount of water they have already sold. Not caring that they “did not go to school today,” they say whats more important is selling all their water and buying more to keep selling.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more